Searching for a muse  

Greathands54 64M
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3/15/2006 6:15 am
Searching for a muse

I started this Journey about a year and a half ago, seduced by a beautiful Mistress on alt.
Wearied from handling her stable of submissive male slaves, she wanted to lose herself to her own desires, and live the Pleasures of her own complete submission. And so she found me one day. We hit it off instantly... I don't know what it was, but it was like an explosion of built-up lust for both of us - I really don't know how else to describe it. After that evening she decided she
would train me as her perfect master, or least as close as she possibly could...
We truly did fit like velvet and glove, my Mistress/sex slave and I...I was the
glove, bending her flesh to my will, moving her lithe, artful form in ways that
brought us both absolute wanton pleasure... she was the velvet, enveloping my body so we become as One. We read each other’s desires from the subtlest movement of our bodies...a pulse that radiated right to our centers. We demanded
of the other what we truly desired... and so, with mutual permission, we took each other to the edge of no return in our play on several occasions.
I trusted her with my life.
She is a true submissive slut, a wild cat with a fiery temper, an insatiable pussycat who lives to have her holes filled with the cock of her dreams. She worshipped my cock in all of its glory...her luscious pussy drowning in juices, pulpy lips grasping and holding my cock in thrall. Oh god, we loved to fuck.
She knew how to take what she wanted and
so, on occasion, I just relished being forced to submit to her erotic desires.
Being artfully constrained by a beautiful rope artist is good for the soul... my lips and my hands rarely lost contact with her flesh when I was free and unbound, but when confined, trussed and tied in a compromising position…well,
my body was her canvas. Even when she held a knife to my throat, her fingers pulling on my hair, exposing my neck to the razor-sharp blade...I trusted her implicitly.

I like leather - leather clothes, leather restraints and accessories - the smell,
the texture, the way it just binds to the skin, lovely rings linked together, there’s
a comfort there somewhere. I like CBT, because I feel like I've flung my legs open to the world this past year and a half...(if this was a novel that image would most likely belong to a woman. Why is that?)
Here I am I say, touch me, suck me, play with me... fuck me... I like to wear
decorative cock jewelry, rings mostly, I'm experimenting... tongue and mouth
and pussy, encircling me, the tang of metal on hot hot skin... she'd fuck me almost to death I swear - I would just stay so hard with desire for what seemed like hours. Every time we were together we’d fuck like wild mink in heat. It's
just crazy. Whatever the scene, it always turned to wild wild sex. It's like
our bodies were designed to work together. It was uncanny, inspiring, exhilarating,

We were equal partners, in all the ways you can think of. We morphed into each other when we switched roles - like a mirror image of our more usual selves. She played the perfect Mistress, and I the perfect slave. Or vice-versa. Hard to
describe, but an amazing aura surrounded us during our scenes, orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, and the insatiable hunger for more...a thrusting hard
cock, knowing fingers stroking, twisting, squeezing...I loved to push my groin
into her fingers as she explored, seizing and adoring my cock, making it harder and harder to fill her desperate need...and then suddenly I was immobile, having given myself over to her erotic imagination, the ropes binding me into a
cocoon, and I focused my mind on my cock, our mutual battleground...
I miss that intensity, I must admit. Long working days in a creative environment, soul-abandoning nights in a mutual embrace…a memory now, growing
ever so distant. We had to part, it wasn’t
in the cards ‒ our vanilla lifestyles universes apart. And so I wonder, what next….
Sexuality is such a wondrous thing. I've only scratched the surface, and hopefully I'll find another muse to push me further in my self-discovery...

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