Addicted to fabulous sex  

Greathands54 64M
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3/11/2006 7:20 pm
Addicted to fabulous sex

I’m addicted to the energy that comes from great sex. It’s always intense, complicated, nuanced…I love a partner who drives me there. Pliant and demanding: seemingly contradictory terms, yet defining the perfect partner for me...
It’s like the word fuck. Said many different ways, it has a million meanings - do you want to fuck? I want to fuck you. Do you want my cock?
Tell me. Tease me. It desires attention… it's a beautiful cock so I'm told, just the right size. It's very sensitive - I will feel your desires through the skin of my cock - sometimes I'll just slide back and forth in your lovely pussy, oh so slowly, deliberately teasing… holding you in place, immobile, with my strong hands. I love feeling your pussy squeeze my cock - it makes me feel alive.
I want you to Desire Me. I will take you by the hair and bend you to my will. I love playing with hair - pulling, smelling, holding, immersing myself - it's a bit like a bridle when we ride our adventures. You under me...we will go places you've always wanted to go. You understand that until we walk away, exhausted and are mine.
I'm actually rather hard at the moment - what are you wearing? Are your nipples hard? They're longing for my lips, my tongue…
Are you sitting down? Can you hear my footsteps on the floor behind you...padding towards you. The desire in you is growing - the anticipation of what is to come - you know that I'm naked, fresh from my shower...fresh clean skin, scrubbed, firm...hard...
You’d turn to say hello and your words would be lost, as you suddenly feel my hand cross your cheek, run through your hair, gathering it into my grip. I'll crush your face into my groin to feel my hard hard cock against your cheek. And as you lean in with wanton desire, the connection is made.
As you turn to worship my cock, I’ll pull you to your feet - I'll tell you when to suck my cock, I say. I want to crush your lips in mine, and as your head turns to one side, a doe-eyed look of abandon comes into your eyes as you meet the look of intent in mine. Your knees buckle, and your juices begin to flow…
I need to crush your hot body to mine, to feel how we measure together…to feel the points of natural connection, those that cry out to be explored and those that are waiting to be discovered. I love pussy. Whether hanging off the end of my cock, or writhing under my tongue and lips, I will know your pussy inside and out. I want to dance with your pussy.
I want you to pay attention to my cock! I never knew when my last lover would want to worship my cock. It seemed to be a constant thing. Mine was ignored for 12 years and then re-discovered by an expert. I had to re-kindle the desire to be Desired, if I can put it that way. When the desire is there I am constantly hard - I love foreplay as much as anybody but after a while, foreplay for us became my slow thrusting as we breathed each other in. We were addicted to that first forceful entry… she had a dancer's flexibility so we could stay connected and still explore.
She loved doggie best because that was how she felt dominated - she loved my hands on her hips - very forceful and strong.
Your pelvis will be mine to hold and direct, and use… I like it best when you arch your back and stick your lovely ass in the air - like a pussycat with her desire very much evident.
Words are important to me to express my thoughts and my feelings and my desires. I don't waste a lot of words. I'm like that when I make love - very focused on the Pleasure at hand.

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