Pleasure: Definition  

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Pleasure: Definition

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Pleasure is a positive sensation, which by analogy to pain, can be physiologically described as either peripheral or central (euphoria). It is commonly conceptualized as somehow opposed to pain, though it has received much less scientific attention. From a gross physiological approach, peripheric pleasure could be related to the nociceptive sense, which "detects" pain or noxious stimuli, or be considered an entirely new realm of sense, largely unexplored.

It also refers to "enjoyment" related to certain physical, sensual, emotional or mental experience.

Pleasure also means (as a starting point to quote [[1]]): " Etymology: Middle English plesure, alteration of plesir, from Middle French plaisir, from plaisir to please 1 : DESIRE, INCLINATION wait upon his pleasure -- Shakespeare 2 : a state of gratification 3 a : sensual gratification b : frivolous amusement 4 : a source of delight or joy "

Pleasure may also be defined, at least in some contexts, to be a significant reduction in discomfort.

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