A thought on Female Ejaculation  

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2/16/2005 8:16 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A thought on Female Ejaculation

I would love a female perspective on the subject of squirting. I have had lots of luck on bringing women to the point at which they squirt. This fact has brought me lots of pride and makes me feel like a great lover. Ladies, does this feel good? How does it compare to a normal orgasm through clitoral stimulation or intercourse? NOW to my big question. Is it overrated and should I not rely on it to push my lover over the top?


2/17/2005 7:36 am

"Lots of luck on bringing women to the point at which they squirt" well GOOD FOR YOU BABY!!! I have a theory that ALL women could squirt given the right inspiration....and G-spot manipulation. The woman needs to relax into her ejaculating orgasm....if she is not totally relaxed with her lover, then it just won't happen...remember orgasm really starts in the head. I ejaculate all the time....it feels like pressure in the pelvic area....almost the same as when you have to pee......but it is NOT pee......I purposely go to the bathroom regularly throughout my marathon sessions to ensure that it is only ejaculate that cums out....as I have been known to release both fluids if my bladder is full...... I actually have a complex on this as my first boyfriend at age 16 told me I had pissed on his face when we were doing a 69 in the back seat of his Duster...! Ever since then, I have held back.... Dear Dear......then when I got divorced a few years back, I met a man that was 27 yrs my senior and Viagra was NOT out then and he had difficulty with erections....so he did alot of finger fucking and Voila! Ejaculation was discovered for me!! It is not the same a clitoral orgasms.....it is a feeling of release, expulsion, letting go entirely.....it is mind, body and soul..... It is actually the only orgasm I think......with the ejaculation, there is a clitoral orgasm simultaneously Yeah Boy! Anyways, great to hear this topic and I will probably post a question to this topic soon....Love H

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