hillbilly stomp by kid rock  

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8/24/2006 3:01 pm

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hillbilly stomp by kid rock

Hillbilly Stomp

Im drunk again
Exscuse the hiccup
The redneck originator
Rollin in my pick up
Truck jacked up with the 4 gold shocks
And where i come from
Mud flaps come in stock

People kid rock it
Up and down the block
And the hens all flock to the coup
With the cock
You wanna rock with me baby
Row it down to the swamp
Dock your boat
We'll do the hillbilly stomp
We'll do the hillbilly stomp

I like stuckies, truckers and big mesh hats
I like large round women in loundromats
I like to wander jack
Like a backwoods thug
And watch the moonshine through
The bottom of a jug
Huggin and kissin, with my vision all blurry
Siftin through this world of worry
Hurry up with love
Please God bless
I dont do drugs anymore
Or any less
Ididnt start this mess on this planet
Stop lookin at me like a bandit
Ivebeen chillin
Down at the swamp
With the folks that want
To do the hillbilly stomp
Do it
We'll do the hillbilly stomp

Now people wanna know how to do this dance
Lift your legs in the air like you wet your pants
Plant your hands on the top of your butt
And stomp around the woods
Like your all f**ked up
Circle up the trucks
Fire up the brush
Utuck your shirt
Were gonna kick some dust
Dont two plus two it
Or three plus three it
Four by four to a place thats scenic
Heat it up like some hot ham hocks cookin
And hop to the spot where
Where the cops arent lookin
Bring your whole flock
Down to the stomp
And we can rock all night doing
The hillbilly stomp
Do it
The hillbilly stomp
The hillbilly stomp

rm_loneremily 34F
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8/24/2006 7:19 pm

You listen to the neatest music. And it's cool you got something from greece. What is it?

boydcounty 68M

8/24/2006 11:01 pm

A Hillbilly Song
To you the distinction might sound a bit silly
But I'm not a redneck, I'm an old hillbilly:
Brought up on the green rolling range of the greater midwest.

On 4H work projects and chores in the morning,
long thunderstorms coming up without a warning;
the FFA and those blue ribbons pinned onto my chest.

Fried chicken and taters, homemade jam and bread;
enough sense to not let it go to my head;
an honest wage for a day's work - woman, girl, boy or man.

Miles stretched out in corn, soybeans and winter wheat;
long underwear, overalls and bare feet;
for piano and guitar lessons, you pay what you can.

Blue collar hand-me-downs and hands always dirty;
work well past sundown and up at 5:30;
good dogs and good food and good times at the swimming hole.

Guitars tuned right, and strong voices together;
harmony tight, shoes of worn out old leather;
gospel and bluegrass and country and good rock and roll.

To you the distinction might sound a bit silly,
but I'm not a redneck, I'm a damn hillbilly;
not looking to fight, just be happy and do my own thing.

Hills, creekbeds and valleys, fishponds and stone lanes;
your word as your bond and expecting the same;
and sound from the ground at your feet when you start in to sing.


kyplowboy22 63M

8/25/2006 10:40 am

rofl at you boyd county both.


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