What he said? Well here's a taster, ughh.....  

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5/29/2006 3:29 am

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What he said? Well here's a taster, ughh.....

As promised I picked out just a couple of bits from accounts of the Marquis De S&M to no doubt excite or shock, depending on how you're fixed!


"Hither, my love, come, that I may, in your lovely ass, render myself worthy of the flames with which Sodom sets me aglow. Ah, he has the most beautiful buttocks (don't forget nothing's taboo with this guy!)..... the whitest!
I'd like to have Eugenie on her knees; she will suck his prick while I advance; in this manner, she will expose her ass to Chevalier, who'll plunge into it, and Madame de Saint-Ange, astride Augustin's back, will present her buttocks to me : I'll kiss them, armed with the cat-o-nine-tails, she might surely, by bending a little, be able to flog the Chevalier. Yes, that's it!
This rascal does have a nipping tight ass! Would you do me the great kindness, Madame, of allowing me to bite and pinch your lovely flesh while I'm at my fuckery?"

Poses the questions, how long has this sort of thing been normal in various socities? Did we think we were making new ground in becoming sexually mature/liberated in the 1960s onwards? Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It does get more interesting if you're still reading, these 18th century swingers certainly were no-holds-barred & nothing was off the menu as far as I can see.....

"Scarcely was I at it when Rodin enters his daughter's room; and thereupon the impudicious Rodin, all restraints upon his behaviour removed, free to indulge his fancies to the full, gives himself over in a leisurely fashion & undisguisedly to committing all the irregularities of debauchery.
The two peasants, completely nude, are flogged with exceeding violence; while he plies his whip upon the one the other pays him back in kind, and during the intervals when he pauses for a rest, he smothers with the most uninhibited, the most disgusting caresses, the same altar in Rosalie who, elevated upon an armchair, slightly bent over, presents to him; at last there comes this poor creature's turn : Rodin ties her to a stake, and while one after another his domestics flay him, he beats his daughter lashes her from ribs to knees, utterly transported by pleasure.

His agaitation is extreme : he shouts, he blasphemes, he flagellates: his thongs bite deep everywhere, and wherever they fall, there he immediately presses his lips. Rodin by & by penetrates into pleasure's narrow asylum; the other girl beats him with all her remaining strength, Rodin is in seventh heaven, he thrusts, he splits, he tears, a thousand kisses, one more passionate than the other, express his ardour, he kisses whatever is presented to his lust: the bomb bursts and the Libertine besotted dares taste the sweetest of delights in the sink of incest & infamy."

I'm sure there will be many different reactions to viewing these excerpts, so I guess it'll divide people as it has done for nearly 300 years!

One thing to remember is that the society & morals in 18th century Parisian times were much different & what we now consider taboo, or shocking was then acceptable amongst certain classes, just as "Blood-letting, Vendetta Killings & Cannibalism" are STILL locally accepted SOCIAL NORMS in many places around the world today!

As he was quoted as saying "All universal moral principles are idle fancies"

There is more, and believe me worse!

I'll await some response first though eh?


**Photo - I guess no matter how depraved there will always be some who remain voyeurs!*

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5/30/2006 5:03 am

Worse to come!

You ofcourse mean to imply that there are further delights in store for the needy and depraved amoungst us.

So whip out your source material and get cracking!


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