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Now here's a few of my inner thoughts.......

In the beginning is the word
The word is made flesh
You are born
You are
You die
Yesterday was not or it would be
See this and you are immortal

And for the power of original thought to sail on the sea of waves,
Carrying a mind so born of beauty,
Til' it's time had come and it could float no more,
Away into the void flew thought to reunite with truth so absolute.

Stop and take a walk through life,
Listen, but don't hear voice or sound,
Feel a sense of no time with no mind,
Close your eyes and look for peace,
Find it without looking!

One moment rests upon another,
"And what am I to do?" I hear you say,
Take time passed and coil it around in thought,
Take refuge in the knowledge of a moment,
Saved from the long past days,
Add a love of life,
Make a fond memory,
Go on watch the moment,
But sit quite still,
Listen and be in your own gentle peace,
Never forgotten,
Is this the moment you choose?
This moment was meant for life.

On the breaking dawn my gaze lies,
Content and safe in this time from worldy doubt,
Every breath is fresh as the crisp and icy silence,

A cherished view the golden orange sun climbs slow,
Burning between Earth's mask of cloud sets the sky alight with fire,
Oh for this sight to last the day long,

Joy for those who keep the memory of this scene deep in their hearts,
Moments gone and beauty spent forever,
Once again returning to a world in man's eye,

Forcing mind to cares of other days,
And the distant call of missed sunrise,
This is my peace.

We passed across the water of lakes and streams,

Down cold banks of glaciers paved with rock,

Towards sharp mountain tops and cloud,

The air so soft and sweet with morning mists,

Rising far above from down so shallow,

Our graceful voice combined with spirit of nature,

As the glorious day creeps slowly in to view,

We waken towards this beautiful slumber,

Never to sleep that way again.

Boundless space in fertile mind,

Reached within thought of mankind,

To such a point we can't perceive,

From who knows where we don't believe,

This quietly calling voice so deep,

Pulls us slowly towards dull sleep,

Till the morning sun finally comes,

Then rest the mind and fear is now undone.

A past a far cry away,

Time as a wish so ephemeral,

A light hand of fate is ready,

Falling toward the future,

A way to make now real,

Seeming so mad with beauty,

A sense of high awareness,

So pure and well revealed,

A seat upon a finer throne,

Memory is but make believe,

A day like no other,

We rest our heads against each other,

A time that doesn't matter,

Is this what we are?

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