Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News.........  

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Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News.........

A young couple went to a sex therapist for help. The man said "Please Doc, You gotta help us. Our sex life is in a rut after only 9 months together."
The therapist said that he had to examine each of them and only then could he make a recommendation.
After the examinations he sat them down and said, " Ok, what you need to do is stop by the grocery store on the way home and pick up a bunch of grapes and a dozen doughnuts. When you get home both of you strip down and sit on the ground with your legs spread wide. Sir you will roll the grapes along the floor until one stops inside your girlfriend's vagina. Then you crawl over and eat it out."He says no problem.

"Maam, you will play the ring toss game with your boyfriend. When you get a doughnut on his penis you will crawl over and eat it off." They went and tried this and their sex life was fantastic once again!

A few days later a married couple asked the same therapist for help with their non-existent sex life.
The Doc said he had to examine the both of them to see if he could make any reccomendation.

After the examinations he had them back in the office and said, "As you've been married for ten years now, I suggest that on your way home you need to stop by the grocery and pick up a dozen grapefruits and a bag of Hula Hoops!"

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You sick depraved grapefruit eater you

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