GoodiesNZ 44M
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4/12/2006 8:45 am

Just went for a smoke break outside - wow it is quite a lovely night... there is a full moon (or nearly), very few clouds and a clear clean crispness to the air. It is the sort of night that just makes you want to breath in deep and savour the air. Of course nearly everyone is tucked up in bed atm, dreaming their dreams, snuggling their partners (or pets as the case may be). I'd envy them if it wasn't such a nice night.

Okay okay - yes I do envy them

1 - they are asleep!!!!!

2 - They are snuggling (and probably had some good fun before sleep too). Whilst this solitary life has some advantages, it does get a bit lonely at times, even without the "urges" that come naturally.

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