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9/9/2006 10:07 am

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It has been raining here all night... which has meant a bit of a busier night at work - mostly surface flooding problems around the district.

Rain always makes me a little horny - as some of you will know LOL I even had a "story" I wrote about it once... darned if I can find it now though. Which is a shame cos I kinda liked it.

Never the mind... I will just have to dig my imagination out of the bottom drawer and put it to work again won't I?

So what is it about the rain?
Well I guess it is two things.

It conjures up images of thick rugs... roaring open fire... sound of rain beating hard down on the roof... and getting naked with a loved one.

Or the actual being out in it... raging storm... getting hot and heavy with a wanton woman - you get the idea

Having said that though.. I've kinda always wanted to do it on the roof in the rain (yes... a little odd I know - but hey, its MY fantasy)

Does rain have an "effect" on you? Or any sort of weather for that matter. Be curious to hear others thoughts

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