SES' 2nd Game Vs.  

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2/22/2006 1:53 pm

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SES' 2nd Game Vs.


The game that pits one against the other to the death. Two random things in first apperance broken down in attack of the other.

First Round:


Child Molester VS Child Molester


Priests and Nuns seperated by location.

Heratic- Homosexual with bad temper(Priest)
Catholic- Lesbian with bad temper (Nun)
Cathartic- Child molestor with bad temper(Priest or Nun)
Whoralic- Bi- sexual. Usually nice and soft in tempement (Nun).

10 % constant gay population is due to Roman Church structure. It has not changed in hundreds of years and still produces the same amount of gays per year as a result.

AKA says I know the Cathartic's have many other creatures I just am not in possesion of the names as of yet. Think winged creature.

AKA's creation theory.

Adam came to earth or was sprouted from it. At which point those in the way took him in. After many cries and whines from Adam for a mate, it was finally decieded Adam was to get a partner. One of Adam's ribs were removed to create Eve. It was at this point that the evil spirit of Catholsim was released into the world. Upon the creation of Eve both were placed into the garden ( I like to think of it as sprouting around them) After sometime in the garden both Eve and Adam reached the age of maturity and both consumed the apple, giving them the same creational ability as God which annoyed him. They were both then asked to leave the garden for fear of them taunting God. It is as they look back upon the closing gates of the garden Adam and Eve realised that the garden was their childhood and that part of their life was over. The joy and happiness of childhood now replaced by sexual satisfacation.

side note:
The unicorn ( "Gary what did they do to you....", Ned Flanders) does not come. lets say the horn is a solo thing and little babies fit on it really easy, AKA says pop pop unicorn head!!! Take you out myself. No mate, No come.



Skin masks made of real skin. Used on VHS tapes to make others look guilty. example xxxxxxxxx took a shot at me from a 45 browning. Another tape has Sean shooting , not me that time look closely at body types and my large tattoos of celtic dragon and chinese dragon on my back. Also on back two characters

Have sex with own son.
Removes male organs.
16 men in one women at one time. (think 'Twins' the movie with Danny Devito but done without a machine just lots ogf men) They mags with this stuff in it. Werid porn.
Baby pushers to hold in unwanted babies until it dies and then kills mother. The baby pusher is a metal fist and can, and does, get used for . They have my friend xxxxxx on tape in Montreal. Sorry xxxxx 7 men you is only funny to Hindu.

Baby snatching ( stealing baby) for $50 000 dollars Canadian. Only $20 dollars in Calcuta.

Death pits in homes for killing of poor or non-hindu neighbor. Death pit resembles skate park but with the inclusion on skulls. A toy is sometimes added to allow player a chance of winning. If the the player (non hindu) can discover the fun in death they might win. Hindu's are know for their cheating so it will proably not matter.

Eating the dead for bone marrow
Depositing so much Lye in Marpool Canada the water supply now is contaminated, Aka says I had wine from fruit punch and tap water in 12 days. I thought I was Jesus Christ for a second. I am sure my thinning hair is a result. Taking a shower is now conter productive. AKA I think I am losing my hair as a result!

Pcp (lsd x100= PCP) sales. Pixify the contestants and they will be easier to beat, one Hindu person is quoted as saying.
They turned my Mom into an Assasian for 21 kills in the 80's. Hindu inmortallity.
Aka says I have 2 x Hindu imortallity surviving 21 attempts from xxxxx in the 90's over bet for souls in Barbies bar in Lachine Quebec Canada. xxxx and I played his mother shot at me. I still won. Try to kill me AKA says. Over 70 attempts and my Mom is on the list of would be killers so don't think I am not ready to take out any one. ( as a Taoist 12 I am alot harder to kill....think Highlander with a neck brace of metal)

{Side note : does xxxxx Point Clare house in Quebec Canada have a well in it like 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'Training Day' ? Is Sonja Klobacar in it right now? He also lost a Bar Bet in Lachine I need help collecting on}


Aka says I think I have Pepetual ( is that spelt right ? hahaha) motion in my head. How much to patent my idea?

Forever ever moving. Space travel done without fuel and time travel . Mr Peabody for real.


SNL.......Baby arm on head......Hindu slut? (Hindu supporter) Hindu battle cry.... "We cheat cheat cheat so we never face defeat!"

RCMP..............really a 100 million a week? (Do you really own the RCMP not even AKA knows)

Perversion of The Way so bad , strange eating habit for re-incarnation by Hindu
Do you think Zip guns are cool? You may be a Hindu......Like to skin women and put them in plastic for a week until they die in an attempt to make some pretty hard body? You must be Hindu or EnglishBuy Phd's, Vet degrees and Nobel Prizes for 5 million? ( Aka says I wanted a Nobel prize my whole life for Lititure and now just when Germany was getting the rep back bamm Hindu ruined it. The prize is now worthless. The world thanks you Hindu) Make child molestor tapes like 'Turtle Soup' and movies with childern in plastic suits that child molestors kill on screen? You may be Hindu......

Aka says I piss myself still at the age of 29 upon the memory of the plastic kid one....they were always hidding out in some tree house........I know lot of you out there got spooked by the Duracell ads.....plastic grown ups

In that bar that night I took a punch with a gun to my head (held by xxx) a man's hand was holding my head (the back). The punch came from a man wighing 270 pounds. His fist wore brass knuckle, and was clenching a roll of quaters with a diamond ring in it. They use this tape in the Montreal police force for training. Some one told me the guy was paid $15,000 to hit me. So we can't count that as one of the 21 by xxxxxx. Her's were good though including but not limited to 6 gram herion fed to me OD x2, Fat's pool hall throw down the stairs and through the glass door ( Love you Sonja Klobucar. She had the perfect way out of that mess. They still killed her, made her do it on pcp). "If Eddy can do it any one can.......", xxxxx shooting at me...dodged the bullit...scary I know....don't try that at home, paid assasian $50,000 a pop ( don't take less fellow hit man) my favorite the No Talk No Walk..All Talk All Walk..... There have been others but this just shows the mentality of the Hindu Nation.

AKA wonders.... if you have animal cages in a vets office and you move them to the basement of the child care up the street for the child molestors do you save money or is the moving cost equilvilant? Lets ask the fire hall day care at 70th and Hudson in Vancouver.

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