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8/9/2006 1:34 pm
Starting New Group

OK - I am starting a new interest group here on AdultFriendFinder. I had it mentioned to me at one time and decided not to, then another group I belong to had a very inactive moderator and all of the 'glitches' and issues just seemed to continue. So, in effort to keep the active group members together from that group, we decided it was time to start a new group - of course the old group will still be available because the moderator is the only one who can delete it. And, she was the only one who could change moderator as well, and no one has heard from her - and posts have been made to 'get her attention' and nothing has worked - so here I am letting everyone know where I'll be hanging out a lot. The new group is called "Fun w/ BBWs of Central IL". For one reason or another, the first try of setting up this group failed so I am in process of getting it approved again - hopefully it will be up and going shortly. So, I encourage anyone interested to come and visit and join if you like what you see - but keep in mind, I will be doing my best to keep all members active and I am asking that everyone posts at least 5 times per month - whether it is by starting their own thread or just posting to someone else's. That's all for now - just wanted you all to know what my latest endeavor is. Take care!!

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