Taking Risks....  

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8/1/2006 5:36 pm

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Taking Risks....

Remember when you were a kid, that first time you slept over at a friends house? You were frightened of being away from home, away from your own bed, and away from your parents. Still, you did it, maybe you didn't sleep that well, maybe it made you appreciate your own home more, but it was a part of growing up, so you took a chance and did it.

Then the first day of school, you know you were scared to death, but you had to do it, so you did, and you got through it just fine.

We all have a lot of firsts in our lives, first kisses, first dates, first fights, first loves, and the first time driving a car. Yet still we take the risks and go for it.

All the things we do as we age, we register to vote, and sign up in the armed forces, go to war. Yes we're afraid, yes it is risky, but we do them just the same.

We get married, even though probably 2 out of 3 marriages end up in divorce, but how will we know it will, if we do not try? We could be one of the couples that marry, and live the rest of their lives happy and fulfilled.

How can someone be afraid of something as wonderful as love? I'm not afraid, at least not enough to risk losing something so wonderful, and beautiful as true, unconditional love. I'd pick up my family and head to the most distant regions of the Earth, if I loved someone and felt they loved me. That's what you do when you love someone, you cleave unto them, no matter where they lead you.

I see so many people in chat, searching for one night stands, begging women and men to be with them, and I wonder why they do this, when something special may await them, just around the bend. I think these people try to conquer love, defeat it, reduce the specialness of it, and for this reason, I think they are fools.

Love is a precious gift, it does not cost money, you don't have to finance it. It is given freely from the heart, shared between two people, who's souls merge into one. It is very special, and should be cherished unto eternity.

That's my two cents, have a good day everyone!

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