Players, and Games  

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8/2/2006 11:55 am

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Players, and Games

This one is for all of the Players out there, men and women, married and single... NOT to one in particular, but to all...

Players and Games

You come in here and yield your tongue as though it were a sharp edged sword,
Uncaring whom you brandish it against,
Or the repercussions it will have on a heart, or a mind, or a soul for that matter.

Sweet words you speak, as you pursue your prey, with no rhyme or reason to it all, other than to destroy.

You chase and plead, “trust me“, you say, and you declare true your love and your word.
All the walls of fortification begin to fall, and the victim loses all the walls their soul hides against.
But you don’t care if you hurt them, it’s not you who is hurt, so what does it matter?

Sweet words you whisper in their ear late at night, as you chase, devour, and destroy.

You are a player, it is all a game to you,
We are all pieces upon the chest set of life,
You move us, capture us, break down our walls of fortification, then smite us.

Sweet words, sweet declarations of love and happily ever after, become as vicious as a deadly knife.

This game you play, it requires someone to trust in you,
To expose themselves, and allow you into their heart and their life,
You move them to experience feelings never felt before, then continue thus.

Sweet words, which become bittersweet over time, that stick into the heart and like a sharply hewn knife.

Twist this knife,
Bleed me for what it is worth,
Wreak havoc upon my life, take away all my trust.

Sweet words, whispered in the dark of night, yielded at me, like a sword, push it in with all of your might.

You’re a player Sir, and try as you might, you’ll never find another to love you as I loved you,
With all of my heart, every ounce of love I had was yours, the supply was infinite and true.
Alas… all I was, was a game piece to you.

Sweet lies and deception, whispered in the night, speaking to my soul, preparing me for the final move upon the board… check mate! You win!

rm_Ijustmightbe 65M

3/26/2007 7:58 am

It's the game that has no winners...only losers. Men and women both play. The saddest of all are those who don't even realize that they are playing.

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