Story: The Bar  

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11/9/2005 3:06 pm

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Story: The Bar

The bar

Across the crowded bar. Our eyes meet repeatedly. The music blares in the background. I smile at you.

A man walks up to you Looking very drunk and it looks like the two of you are arguing.

He continues to drink. We continue to steal glances at each other. Soon he is to drunk to notice our obvious flirting.

He looks as if he is passed out in the chair. I come over and introduce myself. I kiss your hand then continue to hold it as I sit down. We talk and I offer to help her get him home.

We take him to my car and put him in the back seat. I drive home holding and caressing your hand. I pull up in your driveway. I turn of the lights. We talk. I lean closer to you and we kiss. slowly at first. Then longer and deeper kisses. My free hand caresses your inner thigh as you spread your legs to allow me access. You slowly reach up and put your small hand on my large cock.

A car drives by and startles us. We decide we need to go inside. I pick up your husband and carry him inside and place him on the couch.

You move close to me. You look up into my eyes. I slowly put my arms around you and draw you near. We kiss on your lips. I hug you firmly. I kiss your neck. I hear a small moan. I nibble your ear.

My leg in between your legs and I can feel your heat. Your hands caress my back. One moves down and massages my ass.

I slip off your blouse up over your head. Your not wearing a bra. You breast are small and very perky just perfect for me. I tell you that your breasts are perfect. You giggle.

You move up and undo my belt and pants sliding them down. Your remove everything from way waist down and I remove my shirt.

You slowly lick and suck my rock hard cock. Slowly you lick around my head as one hand gently massages my balls. The inside of your mouth is silky smooth. Your teeth never touch my cock.

Your husband snorts and jerks a bit. We both stop and look at him. He lies still and quite.

We move to the other couch as you sit down on the couch you remove your skirt and lacey underwear. You lay down on the couch and looks like an angel. You smile at me and hold out your hand.

I kneel down beside you and we kiss. Your fingers entwine my hair. Hold me close as we kiss passionately. My hand gently massages your breast as we kiss. I kiss down to your neck. Then down to your beautiful breast. I lick all around your nipple. I hold your nipple with my tongue and pull my mouth over onto your breast.

My hand glides down to your pelvis area as I continue to lick an caress your soft breast. Your fingers slowly flow through my hair. I kiss my way down down your belly. Its firm and slightly round. As I kiss it I can tell you work out a little. My hand caresses your inner thigh.

I kiss along the outside of your leg as you lift it up over my head so I can have access to your sweet nectar. I kiss the inner thigh of was leg and caress the other with my fingers. Kissing my was to your moist well trimmed pussy. I kiss it from top to bottom slowly. I then slowly lick it from bottom to top.

I hear your moan. Your legs quiver just a bit.

I wrap my lips around the top of your sweet pussy my tongue rests on your clit and I start to hum.

You shiver as my humming starts, stops and changes.

I lick all around and lick the hood. I slowly pull back the hood and kiss your hidden clit. I let out a slow and low hum.

I kiss your inner thigh. I slowly start kissing my way up.

I lick around your sensitive nipples. I flick one with my tongues then kiss it. I kiss between your breasts. then up your neck. I lick your neck and place a nibble gently where I kiss. I take your ear lobe into my mouth and suckle it. You can feel my erect penis against your entrance.

my head is just outside. I feel your hand on my ass cheek trying to push me in. I whisper in your ear how beautiful you are as I slowly slide it in. You are so wet it glides. Your tight so I slowly enter and exit letting you get used to me. A nice slow rhythm.

Your so beautiful. My pace picks up. I start to trust a little faster and harder. I look into your eyes as I thrust myself into you. You lean your head up and kiss me. I lift myself and brace my self and I start to thrust my entire being into you. With every thrust I see your breast shake. I drive you further up onto the top of the bed. Your head hits the headboard and we change positions.

I have you on your hands and knees with your head in the pillow. I get behind you and guide my head just inside. You try and push your self back a little. I hold you where you are and get good hand holds on your hips. As you push backwards and thrust fast and hard into you. Our bodies slapping together. Thrusting hard into you I hear your muffled pleasure as you tell me harder.

Your grab my wrist and I squeeze your hand. I continue to thrust unto you. I feel that I am close. I can feel your tightness quiver a bit. with every slap of our sweaty bodies together I feel myself closer. I cant hold it any longer. I pull and hold you onto my shaft and release. My cock jumps inside you releasing my liquid love into you.

I lead over your back as you half collapse onto the bed. I kiss your neck. Your hand reaches over your head and your run your fingers through my hair. we move onto our sides and I spoon you with my shaft still throbs inside you. I kiss your neck as we lay there enjoying the moment.

ArmorMonadCharm 45F

11/9/2005 6:06 pm

As a writer of erotica myself.

Feel free to read my blog with some of my work.
The entries that are stories are:
"Doctor Daddy"
"In The Woods"
as examples.

But use your creative mind.
Write the story from one point of view of one of the characters.
Use your five sense, when describing things.
Readers should feel they are part of the story when reading it.

Hope that helps with your next story.


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