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4/29/2006 8:50 pm

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Waiting to hear...

There are many folk who have tried to contact us but seeing as we and they are not "upgraded" we are unable to do either, receive or send messages as such.

Please read our profile. KC is an exceptionally good looking large breased YOUNG woman (well, at age 27 a lot younger than I, her partner, is) and when she travels to the Gold Coast of Australia later this year, I want to have good men, women, and especially couples, for her to meet and to also help fill her need for good uncomplicated sex. She is something of an adventurous woman who is exceptionally good looking, and thankfully for Me, is also VERY into sex of just about all kinds. She enjoys women as well as men, but has also had occasions when there have been two or three males enjoying her most obvious charms and love of sex at the same time. Actually she has also had a few occasions like that with two other females as well. Talk about busy.. *chuckles*

If you would like to be considered as a potential player, then you do need to contact Me. Look at the previous message in this blog and if it doesn't make sense to you, contact your 8 year old neice, nephew, grandchild or child. They will know exactly what it means.. and how to contact Me/Us (chuckles).

We do want females as well as males, and yes, everyone must be cleared by me first (for her safety). Usually some correspondence followed by a coffee and chat somewhere, and possibly follwed again by a health certificate at the time stating that all are free from any STD, will be the process to joining us. Two males have already passed that process - we're now actively looking for like minded females and couples as well.

Don't be shy. Get in touch with us and let's plan a good P A R T Y in the true Australian sense of a good time. *smile*

We'll look for contacts.. if there are none, well, guess I'll have to work with who I have so far. KCs time here is not unlimited, nor is the offer... so come join the fun and let's make this her "Vacation to remember for a lifetime".

Stay safe, happy, and well.

GoldCoastHornDog and KC

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