New Friends and Strangers  

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9/28/2005 11:26 pm

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New Friends and Strangers

I didn't have time to post yesterday.

I did find a new group that seems interesting, Folks That Like Sex.

Some great new friends have joined my Friend Network and I like the idea of knowing who's on and being able to chat with them. At the same time, I haven't received many e-mails yet or had any chance to connect to build friendships "real-time".

The Chat Groups have proved very interesting--some more than others. The Enigmatic Ones seem to have interesting posts and some of the people seem "full of themselves" (whether or not they should be is still open for question.) I'm new to the site and not new to chatting or building friendships, etc. There are some terrific questions posed in Ass Lovers and Women Who Like Older Men as well.

I see the potential for friendship among the people joining my Friend Network and in some of the Chat Groups.

There are lots more pictures of body parts than I would have expected. The males in particular are fond of showing off. In chat rooms that part of the anatomy isn't what I had expected to focus on--not a turn-on for me.

Many people express frustration that they've been on AdultFriendFinder for a long time without hooking up. Are they continuing to pay? Why?

I've paid for some services and I'm not sure how good AdultFriendFinder is about "remembering" the services--reports of lost profiles and posts make the idea of some lost payments of concern.

I've paid for Standard Members to contact me--an extra fee I don't enjoy--and for a private chatroom I'm not using yet.

So far I'm enjoying my overall experience and have expanded my circle of potential friends. I just haven't established any degree of intimacy with these new friends--even in cyber.

I am thinking and posting and getting responses to the posts, largely friendly. There seems to be a preponderance of men vs women on the site. Perhaps that's why some men try to be aggressive--to chase other males away from the small number of desirable females. (I'm sure there are millions of desirable females, by the way. I'm just using the "small" figure to go with the perceived mind-set of the people who seem obnoxious.)

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