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I have been chatting to a friend for over a year now. At the beginning, he was wanting to meet me and I wanted to meet him too. But I had a hard time with the idea of crossing the border into the States. It made me nervous to think of going through customs. Not that I was guilty of anything. Just heard too many horror stories.

Another reason I couldn't go see him are my looks. I didn't believe I was his type. I am a bbw. He asked me to take that part out of my AdultFriendFinder profile. With some resignation, I did. So far I have received 7 emails in a couple of months. When I had bbw in my profile I received 3 or 4 emails a day....go

So, because I was pulling back about going to see him, he meets up with another woman.

Okay, I dealt with it. I'm happy for him....and her.

Thing is, we used to chat a lot. Every day. He even called me on the phone. I really enjoyed our talks. He made me laugh.

Then our conversations became one sided. He would tell me all about his visit to his new friend or her visit to see him. Fine. Great. I'm happy for them. They had fun together. Awesome.

But when I try to talk about a guy I've met, he suddenly has to leave. BRB he says. I wait and wait. Why bother, he's not coming back anytime soon. He's in another chat room. A couple of days go by and all I get is a *wink*.

Oh well, live and learn they say. Thanks for letting me vent. I actually feel better.

Enough said.

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