A girl's first time  

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8/6/2005 5:06 am

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7/26/2009 11:07 am

A girl's first time

......she was amazed at its size and thickness...she moaned softly, pressing herself against him, wishing he was naked as she was, wanting to feel his skin against hers, wanting this piece of man meat inside her quivering pussy...she fumbled with his zipper, trying to release what she wanted most...he pushed her hand away and expertly pulled his zipper down....his cock sprang forward..she grabbed it eagerly..dropping to her knees in front of him..he watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth...amazed that she took all 9 inches into her throat..he could feel her throat closing in over him..her mouth consuming him...he could feel her tongue flicking the underside of the head..making him weak in the knees..he fought the urge to fuck her mouth..ram his cock deeper in her throat..choke her...knowing this was the first cock she sucked, he didn't want to frighten her off...of course, that was hard to tell as her virgin mouth licked and sucked him...if he didnt know better, he would have thought she had sucked many cocks...bringing many men to their knees as she milked them...but he knew for a fact, he was her first..what he didn't know was that she had been practising..on a dildo...he watched as she slid her mouth back and forth on his rigid cock...her perfectly shaped lips moving up and down the shaft...her hand cupping his balls..sliding her thumb over them...he felt the head of his cock hitting the back of her throat...his hands slid into her hair..fucking her mouth slowly at first...but then he couldn't control himself any longer...she was working him into a frenzy...his hips pushed forward and backward...hard and fast...she never missed a stroke...taking the whole length of his cock deep into her throat...he could feel his balls growing rigid...ready to explode into her mouth...she sensed he was ready to cum...as he started to pull back..not sure if he should release his thick cum in her mouth, she grabbed his ass, pulling him to her...then it happened...he was cumming...flooding her throat...she swallowed hard....drinking every drop...he held onto her head...she sucked his cock...draining his balls...her tongue seemed in constant motion...licking up his juices...then slowly she moved back on his cock, the head escaping her lips with a pop! she looked up at him and smiled..."How did I do?" she asked sweetly....Looking down at her, he grinned, telling her..."You did great baby, just great!"

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7countryman7 65M
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4/25/2009 10:09 am

Ginger; I loved your story. You must tell me if it was fictional or was it a true story. I will make a guess and say that it was an actual experience of yours. If we were ever to meet and find ourselves in such a situation, I would savor every instant of you taking my cock deep into your throat and tasting my cum, no i should say drinking it. BUT; The story has a spin to it! Since you have read my profile and know where I am coming from, What you have written would only happen in real life if I had first laid you gently on your back, removed your panties, got on my knees between your legs, spread them wide, and licked and sucked your pussy. You would reach down with two fingers and open your lower lips wide for me and I would most definitely suck your clit between my lips and massage it gently with my tongue.
You slide further down the bed so your cunt is up hard against my mouth. I would savor this moment and also would savor you as your cum juices erupted out of you and into my mouth and my lips and face would be wetted by you. Not being finished yet, I would penetrate your cunt with my tongue and would finger fuck you with one, or mabey two fingers. you again reach down, but with your hands outside of your hips, you spread yourself wider for me. You and so do I want you to force one of your own fingers into youself and with my tongue and also my two fingers as well as yours, slowly move in and out that you cum and cum again even more intense as my face as well as the bed are soaked by you. You pull me up, you lick my face and kiss me hard and deep then you tell me to relax. Can you explain to me how I could relax after what we have just done and what you are planning to reward me with. PS. and when we meet again, I will eagerly come right up to you kiss you hard and firm on your lips and say, Hi hun.

rm_funcumer69 66M/55F

11/4/2005 3:23 pm

You don't suck cock like that unless you enjoy what you are doing. Gotta luv a lady who enjoys giving head.

notsure69692 45M

10/3/2005 5:26 pm

is that a personal expierience if so tell me where u live cause i'm ready blow down your throat

Anthony6469 54M
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9/9/2005 6:01 am

great story, i was getting hard at my desk reading it

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