The Booty Chain  

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3/28/2006 4:03 pm

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The Booty Chain

Ok - so how many other people has this happened to so far?

You meet someone off of this site, get to talking about other people you have met, and you discover that you both did someone that the other did something with...

For example:

I met a woman when we ( wife and I ) were on AdultFriendFinder a while back under another name. This lady and I met and hit it off pretty well. Time passes and about the second week of March my wife meets someone in Orlando and they got to talking. The subject flows to the "seven degrees of Kevin Bacon" thing, just with those you have been intimate with. He describes this woman I met, my wife fills in the holes with her info, and WHAM, there we have one.

Even funner:

A couple that came over for dinner this past Monday was talking about some people that they know where they live. They mention this one guy's name and describe him. My wife chimes in with some other info about him and WHAM. another one. (He was over here the week prior, and we had a good time! - My wife FINALLY got her DP!)

While this all SEEMS weird, I'm not grossed out by it. Not at all. I'm just happy that we play safe. It just goes to show that things could spread - rapidly at that.

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