Everyone is a SPAM trap!  

GiftedTongueFL 41M
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3/26/2006 9:18 pm
Everyone is a SPAM trap!

I have many messages coming back from people that at first, seem real. I then get this cookie-cutter message that to talk more I have to email them at whoever at wherever dot com.

Look, I'm here to meet a real person, not a bot/script/whatever. Heck I could come up with a perl script that could log in as someone, monitor the email box for a message, and spit back a standard message to that person on where to reach them. Simple, and its ANNOYING!

So AdultFriendFinder admins - is there any way we can modify the email system to prevent this abuse?

And by the way - can't you see the use of random user names is a bit - um - fake and computer generated?

My $.02

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