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8/9/2006 6:08 pm
Sex Toys For Women

Toys 4 Us: Women Only!

Most women (statistics say 80 do not have orgasms during penetration. So, why don't they? What is the secret? Men love sex whenever and wherever they can have it, but, what is the incentive for a woman for a lot of women if not to have a really great orgasm. We're lucky, and with the right tools and timing, can have many more orgasms than a man, although ours as impacting I think. Here are a couple of my favorite tricks for treats!

Now, you young women may have it better figured out. From what I understand, dads are even taking their girls to the toy store for their birthday parties (not sure if that is quite ethical but in any case maybe educational).

I remember my friends in college taking human sexuality. I was too embarrassed to take a course like that. I wasn't having intercourse yet being a good Catholic and all. I was waiting for love and marriage to go all the way.

Well, of course that only lasted to my 21st birthday. Yet, no orgasm during sex, but I think a couple of clitoral orgasms after that during the relationship. So, what is sex all about, I wondered?

The hornier I felt, I began to explore my body. Then I began buying toys. Wow, they worked. Well, I won't admit my age but it took many more years to find the really great toys which men introduced me to. The one thing I did figure out with the regular 6-inch dildoe type of toy was that I could give myself a penetrating orgasm, many orgasms and/or hit the g-spot. I never could quite understand why most men couldn't very often find the g-spot or give me the same kind of orgasm. Even with my live-in boyfriend for nine years, I just got bored with sex and felt it was more of a duty to get through the week.

Well, after one break-up, I started dating on the Internet. Dated quite a bit actually and was a bit disappointed that during a sexually prowess time in my life that men still hadn't progressed a whole lot in the orgasm department, except for a few.

I started dating on the Internet about 5-6 years ago after I met a friend in Australia who would fly to the mid-west to meet guys. She did it every year or not and referred to her beaus as her 'invisible friends.' I needed to get out, so I gave it a try. I hadn't dated as much since my twenties and was having a lot of fun.

The first guy I met up with asked me to dinner and suggested a hotel over the phone. Still at a trusting point in my life, I felt I could really get on with this guy. So, when he said his son had an accident with his car, and asked me to meet him at a hotel, I decided I would although a little reluctant for this clandestine meeting. He mentioned he has a present for me but wouldn't tell me what it was.

When I arrived at the hotel, he wanted me to meet him at his hotel room. I asked him to meet me in the lobby instead, in case I needed to make a quick run! However, I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased! He was very handsome with salt and pepper hair and a nice physique. It had been about two years since I had broken up with my boyfriend and I was very, very horny.

We started making love immediately after we entered his room. The lovemaking was fantastic! I won't go into details because if you're reading this story, you already know how. After we made love the first time, he brought out his present he had for me. His friend had taken him to the toy shop to get one like he used on his girlfriend. It's called a 'cyber flicker' or power mini-massager which is a toy somewhat like a bullet but made of a material that feels like a natural cock. What I love about it is the little flicker tail on the end that titillates and teases the clitoris. It can be found at some toy stores but definitely online. ,

His friend said he had given his girlfriend 19 orgasms with this little toy. I had never had THAT many orgasms, many ten or so with my toys but I was game. My partner was a bit competitive and liked chance, so he was determined to beat his friends 19 orgasms. Well, to make a long story short, he stopped counting after I had over 20 orgasms.

This little toy was great for multiple orgasms, too, which I had never had. After an exhausting evening of sex and orgasms, the next morning my friend was determined to give me multiple orgasms and since I have given them to myself. He used the cyber flicker, with his finger in my butt, and kept giving me orgasms one after the other. I kept asking him to stop and he said "sweetheart" just be still. It was difficult to have one orgasm after the next being so sensitive after just one, so you can imagine how I was feeling. But, then after about six or seven continuous orgasms, I had a multiple orgasm. It was sensational.

So, back to the butt business - I had tried anal sex once and it was like trying to fit a baseball into a pinhole. Ouch! So, I wasn't ever particularly interested in trying it again. But, a finger up the butt felt pretty good and very sensual. Call me old-fashioned or slow, but so are the guys I guess of my generation I guess. I always thought anal sex was a non-heterosexual act. Actually still never have had anal sex but now I want to try and this is how I'm getting ready. ž

I started dating this one fellow recently and sex has been fantastic. The first time we had sex, he aroused me sensually with a finger up my butt. It had been awhile since I had fooled around and figured this was the man to experiment with. Sex was fantastic but I was still getting used to him the first couple of times so my body wasn't ultimately relaxed.

Our second date, knowing I like toys for titling; he brought over his own bag of tricks. We had been seducing each other online and loving every minute of it when we couldn't be together. WOW! A man with a set of his own toys ... a little erotic and a little bewildering! First, we tried the g-spot toy. It didn't do much for me. Then we tried my little cyber flicker. We had fun with that. Then he showed me his butt plug and explained to me that sensation in the anus excites the nerves in a different area that ignites orgasms.

After having sex three times, we tried it doggy style. Unbeknownst to me, after first fingering my butt hole nicely, he inserted this butt plug. I was so excited and horny. Then he inserted his cock in my vagina and he would stop and then start again, while holding an erection and fucking me amazingly. Then he said to me, try your little toy. I didn't know if I could reach, but I did and immediately had a great orgasm. I was so wet and weak as he kept fucking me. He kept sliding the butt plug in and out. I could barely stand the excitement. I started spasming and I guess squeezing his cock. I had the first orgasm with a man's cock fucking me and it was the best orgasm I've ever had.

I pleaded with him to pull out because I couldn't stand it anymore. I don't know if I had an anal orgasm, a vaginal orgasm or maybe both. I collapsed on the bed for a long time as he finished his self off. Then he said "relax" as he came with control down my butt with his hot cum some seeping in. I was on fire again!

He collapsed on the bed and we were finished off literally.

"Oh, my God," I told him later. That was the best orgasm I've ever had. Next time, he said, I'll try the real thing!

I can't wait! Sex has never been so good. It gets better and better. Remember when we were kids and couldn't ever picture our parents having sex. Well, for the lucky ones, toys enhance the experience to no end. There are so many great toys out there. Have fun and explore. I've shared with you my favorites.

And, for those of you in sexless marriages, if your gal hasn't learned about her own body by experimenting with toys, buy her a few!

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