Sensual Massage  

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8/9/2006 8:23 am
Sensual Massage

If your special lady has had a rough day or you just want to do something nice for her, treat her to a sensual massage. Set the mood by dimming the room's lights and lighting a few candles, scented if you have them. Don't overdo it. You only need a few. Turn on soft soothing music. Instrumental is usually best because it has no words for your partner to focus on and comes in a variety of calming renditions. Make sure the room is warm since your lover will be naked and uncovered during the massage.

You'll need oil of some type because your hands will glide across her skin much easier with lubrication Any kind of massage oil, or even baby oil will work. Before you get started, keep in mind that you are doing this as something special for your lover. Though there will be genital stimulation included, don't take that to mean that sex is a given once the massage ends. This is all for her pleasure.

Begin by having your lover lie on her stomach on the surface you have chosen, which will likely be the bed unless you've got a massage table. You can either begin at her head or her feet, but whichever spot you choose, move in a straight line from there. In other words, if you start with her head, move to her neck, shoulders, etc. Don't jump from lower body to upper and vice versa. For the sake of this article, we'll start with her head.

Massage her scalp gently using your thumbs and fingers in a circular motion. You can also put gentle pressure around her head with your finger tips. Make sure you don't skip behind the ears. From the head, move on to the neck and shoulders. If your partner has much stress in her life, these two areas are likely to be stiff as they end up taking the brunt of tension. Gently and methodically sooth these tight muscles in a circular motion and up and down caresses. Be sure you have worked all of the tension from the top of her shoulders before you move on to her back.

While massaging the back, search for tense knots of tissue and pay special attention to them. Gently kneading them with your knuckles or the heel of your hand will help ease them. Don't forget the sides of the spinal column. Stress can collect there and cause the outlying muscles to tighten. Make sure you don't press too hard as you can cause pain and negate the relaxation you are trying to create.

Once all of the knots have been worked out of the muscles on the back, move on to the hips and buttocks. You might have to exert a bit more pressure here if your lover is ticklish. While rubbing the cheeks of her butt, don't be afraid to delve in between them. Just be sure that you don't get too distracted as you aren't even half way through with the massage yet! As you travel downward, don't neglect the area where the thighs meet her ass. This is actually a fairly sensitive area. Once you've sufficiently caressed them, you can start working on the legs.

Instead of rubbing both at the same time, do only one before moving on to the next. Use both hands to massage her thighs and then move on to the calfs once you are finished with her upper legs. The calf muscles do quite a bit of work during the course of the day so spend some time pampering these as you massage the tension away. Again, only concentrate on one side at a time.

Before you begin on her feet, have her roll over onto her back. You might need to exert a bit more pressure here as well if she is ticklish. The feet are another area that needs pampering. They take quite a hammering every day and can use the special attention. Massage the bottoms with your thumbs. Lightly stroke the tops with your fingertips. Gently pull on each toe as your fingers slide down them.

Move up the legs the same way you worked down on the other side. Be more gentle on the lower legs as there isn't as much muscle to cushion the bones. When you reach the upper thighs, resist the temptation to dive between them with your fingers. That will come last. The stomach is another area prone to be ticklish so firmer strokes may be needed here as well. As you move upwards, you may massage the valley between her breasts but contain the urge to squeeze the globes. Rub the muscles above her breasts as the strain on her shoulders can aggravate them as well.

Now it's time for the arms. Do each one separately, making sure to massage both sides as you move from the shoulders down to her hands. Massage the hands as you did the feet, lightly stroking the tops and rubbing the palms with your thumbs. Gently pull the fingers as you glide down them. Don't forget to do her face and temples before you give in to the urge to move downwards once more. The temples are also a repository for the day's stress so spend some time there first.

Once you've covered her face and temples, you can move back down to her breasts. The rest of the massage should come naturally as it will be the same as foreplay. Remember not to expect sex to develop from it, though if you get her aroused enough it can very likely happen. Make the remaining part of the massage slow and teasing. Spend time on the fleshy parts of her breasts before you touch her nipples. Stroke lightly on her inner thighs coming closer and closer to her pussy before finally caressing the outer lips. Tease around her pussy lips and mons before finally delving between them to search out her clit.

You may have done such a good job on the massage that she's so relaxed she only wants to sleep, but there's a good chance that the genital parts of the massage will be enough to rouse her and get her in the mood. Good luck and have fun giving pleasure to your partner!

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