More info on my Ex  

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12/24/2005 10:06 pm

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More info on my Ex

Thank you for the compliments Rdy2Play1. That little patch is a favorite of mine, just can't shave it. I have more pics of my tattoos and piercings available on my network. Here is a little more info for you about my ex.

She was into another guy at the time, but I guess he turned her down because he knew me. She never told me who it was, and he never said anything to me. She is currently with someone who is not treating her right. He is very controlling, and from what her brother told me, practically writes her a schedule. Ohhhhh, I would like nothing more than to kick his ass into next year, but I don't want it to look like jealousy. Her brother and I are friends, and he understands how I feel about her. He told me that if the time comes to do something to help her, I will be the first and only call he makes.

She calls me from time to time, and I believe that being with this new guy has made her appreciate how good I was to her. Even though things would race through my mind and the little demons told me that she was cheating on me with a couple of her friends, I never stopped her from living her own life. If her friends came over and wanted her to hang out, then she went out. I forced myself to trust her, since I never had any real reason not to. Just the demons in my mind said she was cheating, so I pushed them aside. Whether they were right or not, I don't believe I'll ever know, it doesn't matter.

The reason I was wondering what my answer would be to taking her back is she is apparently in risk of getting kicked out of his place. This because she went to a movie with her brother's girlfriend, without it being on his schedule I guess. I could barely get her to come over to my place, let alone move in with me. She started living with him shortly after getting with him.

Until Later Friends

I love the way those two smilies look together, but on my previous posts, the >>! one stops working after a little while. The whip is keeping a good pace

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