Let the Rage Consume  

Ghost_Kawasaki 31M
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1/6/2006 7:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Let the Rage Consume

I rebuild my wall,
I shield myself again.
I hide behind the anger,
I continue in the Dark.

One look from you,
The wall falters,
Mortar begins to crumble,
Brick begins to sway.

You flash me a smile,
The wall disintigrates,
Mortar becomes dust,
Brick piles into waste.

I am yours for the taking,
My arms are open waiting,
I hold my heart out freely,
Trusting you completely.

You take my heart in your hand,
Then throw it upon the land,
And stomp it with your foot,
Grinding it into soot.

I pick it up,
I try to reconstruct,
You look my way again,
I know I'm Fucked.

I can build the wall a million times,
Stronger, bigger, better than the last,
Yet one look from you,
And instantly you are past.

How do you slip through?
How do you get by?
Why do you make me feel
As if I want to die?

I cannot stop the pain,
I can't keep you away.
I hide behind the anger,
Until you look my way.


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