Is It Wrong When...  

GetSome4Self 50F
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4/11/2006 1:00 pm

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4/26/2006 4:56 am

Is It Wrong When...

Is it wrong for a woman just to want to have a guy sexually and nothing else...does that make her a hoe...
I want this guy and I know he wants some, but thats all I want from him, I don't want to be his friend, I don't care what happens in his day, I just want his body and then walk away...if its good I might call him back, later on down the that so wrong?

papyrina 52F
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4/11/2006 1:28 pm

if its what you want and no one s being hurt then why not

I'm a

i'm here to stay

spacecadet561 61M

4/11/2006 1:39 pm

It makes her human. If this guy you want also only wants sex with you, go for it. If he thinks it may be the start of something more serious than you want, be careful because you may have a hard time getting rid of him.


SlimGoodGuy 39M

4/11/2006 1:54 pm

It's not wrong. It can be done. There are some caveats. I've read a lot of posts on here over the years where people want friends with benefits, one time things, and also love. Relationships are very dynamic and often unpredictable.

If you are aware of the risk that it may become more for one of you, then you're in the right mindset. I'm not saying it will, just that it could. If, on the other hand, you are still at the point where you think nothing could possibly come from it, then you have a lot more reading to do before you try to pull off something like this.

As a guy, I'd be thrilled if I had an opportunity like this. If you're ready for it, go ahead and dive right in.

rm_Exwhorecist 51M

4/11/2006 1:58 pm

wow, poor guy, a woman who just wants to partake of the horizontal ( and vertical ) boink festival 101 ( through 501 ). Geeze, life sucks, yes

Ok, quick answer - go for it. I'm sure he'll deal with it lol

jboo1981 37F
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4/11/2006 4:34 pm

i am 5'8 full figured 44dd chick looking for a lovely woman

rm_guilover 55M
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4/12/2006 8:16 am

Keeping it real is the best ideal, you know what you want, there is nothing wroing with that move as long as he knows that!!! Actually that means no pressure to both of you....Just clean hot sex!!!

olddirtybastard2 66M
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4/15/2006 7:00 pm

I find being honest is the only way to go. I am now enjoying the swinging life style and sometimes I make friends and sometimes I just want sex. It's all good as they say in the NBA no harm no foul. Just tell them what you want if they can't feel you then move on. Men don't have the same concerns that women have so most of the time it will not be a problem( that also depends on how good it ). Just keep telling people what you want if they don't like tell them goodbye.

flirtybutloving 50M
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4/16/2006 4:53 am

There so many of us who have those same wants and needs as you do. If its mutual, the sex is going to probably be extremely hot since you both have that same hunger. What is hard to do, is walk away afterwards and not think there are some emotions still in play that wont go away. You hope they do, but it doesnt happen automagically. Then again Im sure you are both smart enough to realize this may happen. Damn - go for it! Been there, done that. And by the way, I wouldnt mind doing the dirty with you myself! KISSES!

sandman2564 60M

4/16/2006 9:22 pm

[Men have done it for far to long !!!!Go out tell him and get you some no regrets!!!!

funnandpassion 58M

4/17/2006 5:15 pm

It's not wrong as long as he knows that is what you want. I think the sex would be a lot better if there was some sort of friendship though.

rm_Nubad53 64M
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4/18/2006 4:56 pm

As long as he knows the deal it is fine. I wouldn't call you a hoe, just a woman with enough courage to choose and deal with the results. As long as you don't feel cheated, if that is all he wants as well, cool.

ffcpm13 49M/44F

4/27/2006 1:50 pm

Sometimes you want what you want. Never allow for others top determine who or what you are, as long as you are happy, no one else matters...

BakedImageVegas 45M

8/21/2006 2:42 pm

darling you just described the perfect one night stand!!!!! damn wish i were him!!!!!!!!!!!! the guy would have to be an emotional kinda guy not to love the simplicty of your senerio..

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