Georgeroticlub 49M
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3/30/2006 2:28 pm

Since I was a teenager , I answer this question with the same words…I’m from earth. Its not a proper answer if you are applying for a passport…But, if I really want to be honest about how I feel or what is my cultural identity I would have to say: Japanese esthetics , Latino mojo, Hindu ethos, German ethics, jewish values, and Californian kink ; and don’t get me started with cultural details because I am my own country; actually I am looking for people like me to start a new country…It’s my grandparents legacy to my family…my whole family is spread out across the planet. We are a planetary family…you will find my brothers, uncles, cousins and all the women of my family as far away from each other as possible…yes, if you are thinking why, it is a good question but it’s a long-long story…But, in a few words , think communistas during the cold war…Great goals bad timing…so, my family paid the prize for being super liberals…Anyway, politics make me horny and I am tired of masturbating…ok! Sigamos
I don’t feel I live in one country and I don’t understand how people can live in one place only…And, I think its crazy when people own 20 homes in same town…I mean, yes buy all the real state you can….personally, I want a home in every major city of the world…I notice my personality changes depending of the geography and society I am living with…But, for me it comes natural , I am not aware of it….

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