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This is an old letter for a friend...I found it while looking for some documents...and I tought some of you might like it..........

While you may be uncomfortable with other females on your turf, the advantages may outweigh the difficulties if the relationships are solid and sex is shared comfortably by all. You can probably use this arrangement as an opportunity to work through your fears of bisexuality and learn to be we¬¨ conscious as opposed to self-absorbed. You may eventually want to revert to a one-on-one situation that takes less energy to control ,however, keep in mind you will miss the advantages, both passionate and intellectual, of group marriage. Group marriage can provide you with even more security and emotional richness. The opportunities to enlarge the group of people who rely and provide and stability and dependability are abundant. Again, it would take a fairly high level of growth for everybody to consider this as an alternative to the traditional one-on-one marriage. And in regards to your friend,experimenting with this type of arrangement can be good for her. If it doesn't work out, she shouldn't feel like a failure. Experiments are not always judged by total success or failure. The side effects can enrich your relationships, make you grow, and enhance your sensuality. It will provide her with stimulation from several different people, though the management of such a lifestyle could possibly be too tedious for her. It requires. high levels of tolerance. Thus, her intolerance for the needs of others is a great flaw. She needs to become actively interested in what others have to say, how they perceive life, and what they need in order to function in such a sophisticated marital arrangement. She should read more on the subject of group living.It is a fascinating lifestyle that can provide her with more sexual stimulation and sensual enrichment. If she is practical and wise, and if she feels appreciated, she may stick with this lifestyle. She will experience additional fun, pleasure, affection, and perhaps also the chance for exhibitionism. If she is exposed to group marriage in the right way by you, and a well organized group , and in the right environment this way of life may appeal to her. It combines the opportunity for traditionalism with the chance to break out and experiment. It offers protection and a reassuring reliance on structure. She might be willing to try this for the possible richness it provides ¬¨materially, sexually, intellectually, and spiritually.. It would give. her a chance to interact fully with another woman. But she must overcome her inhibitions and her distrust of females. She must be very wise not to be ego-bound and possessive. She should sexually welcome members of her extended family to join in her personal adventures and delight in showing them the way. This lifestyle is ideal for women who have emotionally evolved and who have learned to be self-confident. She needs a progressive spirit. She must take care not to overtake and outdistance the other members of the marriage. She should also be sure that the group members are sincere in the endeavor. She will thrive in such a situation, if for no other reason than that the other members satisfy her needs for expansion, giving and exploration. She may take the entire group .on her distant travels. She must function well in relationships that discourage jealousy and possessiveness.This option is good for her, especially if she is very career oriented. Group marriage will satisfy her needs for group activities but also her need to be independent. She should develop a sense of commitment that is strong enough to withstand her independence, her travels, the expansion of her philosophies, and the harshness of her personal sense of honesty, however she shouldn't be too blunt. On the other hand, she must enjoy sharing experiences, learning new skills, perfecting charm, and spreading joy. She must learn to protect the feelings or those with whom she lives. And she must restrain her tendencies to control too much.Remember , If group marriage is formed in an atmosphere of trust, financial and emotional security, she may give it a try. And your need for space of your own and your intolerance for jealousy makes it a good lifestyle for you. Please think of all this and suggest this lifestyle to any woman who .is complaining of boredom in her relationship with her husband. Its a prime choice for a woman as long as her partners' commitments are clear and territory is not in jeopardy, and the group gladly undertakes shared household routines," child rearing responsibilities, and group pastimes. You will adore this arrangement and discover a more enriched life mentally and physically than you have ever known. Come and see us soon! …….Take care!

Love: PuraVida
Note: Group marriage whose members have come together intelligently and with preparation" may be one of the lifestyles of the future.

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