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1-FYI: I will not respond to your e-mail unless a photo is posted on your profile or in the form of an attachment
2-This is pretty wyld, I really didnít know what to expect from my ad here. Iíll read you reply and check out your profile if we seem to be a good fit Iíll try and write back. Donít get pissed if it takes awhile, I only have a free membership so I can't sent a lot of replies, if you want let me know how to contact you and if I like your profile, I'll write ya.
3-I want you!
4-Just be patient and you'll be getting your just rewards.
5-I'm currently unavailable, but I will reply to your message in a timely manner.
6-You good?I built up a club in AdultFriendFinder Groups, please look for in AdultFriendFinder Groups the Groups of Chinese Shanghai, then input my Groups name and can find out my club of Groups,
Groups name:
paradise between girl and husb
7-System notice: The body of this message has been removed as this member appears to have been abusing our terms of service. By blocking this member's message, we reduce the incentive for future abuse and thereby provide a better overall experience for our members - we apologize for any inconvenience
8-Thank you for your response. You must write me in English or Swedish and have my special "cod word" in the subject. If you don't put "xxxxx" in the subject of your email you will be deleted for NOT reading my bio and profile. (You find THE word in my bio) I am very real, very clean and so select.
I will answer YOU as soon as I can and ONLY them who send me there pictures, and the portrait off them selfís. (and if you have a sincere profile!)
Please understand - that I am only interested in having some fun in STOCKHOLM, at this time - and to shoot some additional nice sexy photos.
9-get back to you when i can..unless your a single man..then forget it SORRY.....
10-Hi Macho, got your message but have not read it yet. I'll be spread open rubbing my pussy as I read keeping it warm for you.
11-Thank you SO much for you little note. I really appreciate it. I can't promise to answer everyone, but I do like hearing from you. (If there is something specific you need me to answer, please put it in the heading of your e-mail, so I'll know.) thanks, and have fun.
12-Hi!. Sorry that I am not available right now to chat! Drop me a line at AdultFriendFinder I will answer and maybe at some point we could meet?
13-Thanks for looking at my profile I didn't really know what to expect but so far it has been a blast. I hope we are looking for the same thing, I'll check out your profile and write you if I think we may be a good fit. I only have a standard membership so it may take awhile for me to write back so donít get pissed ok, if you really wanna talk sooner, let me know how to contact you and I promise Iíll write and tell you what I thought of your profile OK ,,,,Laura
14-thx for ur msg.... i'll personally reply asap
15-Thank you for your mail.
If you are a man and want to reply,You have two choice....

1,Many of my AdultFriendFinder friends were cumming at home to my pics... It's sooo exciting for me! so.. .Send me a picture of you cumming on my face.

I love to see it...all of my face covered with your cute white miik.

2,Send me some sensual essay with you and me.


Because I love you to cum all over on my face completely.

Please create your nice works and send me them(Movie is also OK wow!).

Anyway If you want to communicate with me,you should not do to send only self-introduction.It's awfully boring for me.

I understand your energy and passion for me only cum photo or some sensual essay specialized for you&me.
16-Hola soy victoria y ahora no he entrado a mi cuenta espero entiendas y seas paciente que mi falta de tiempo pero no te preocupes te respondere en no mas de 1 semana
17-Hi! thanks foy your reply. I am reading your message and you'll get my reply soon.
by now, take care. DollyHot waiting for you.
18-sooo sorry!!! boo hoo!!!!! too busy to read ALLL my mail. but LUV you BUNCHES!!!! Hugs.
19-im sorry that im too busy to answer you...but school and my socail life come first holla back!
20-Hey there, I get a lot of email, thanks for your interest. Im pretty busy between classes and licking my roomate's pussy, be patient.
21-I'm a little horny right now, so i'll be ready for you in a second.
22-thankyou for replying.
Okay now here is something you need to know. I'm online only.NO phones, I don't own a web cam.Also be patient with me as a standard member I can only answer a few replies at a time.
thankyou agaHey there! Thanks for emailing me! Currently, I'm not here. I'm on my way to MI. I should return in three weeks so sorry if I haven't gotten to your letters, they mean a lot to me, but I can only do some much being on a free account. When I get back, I'll go in order of received so please give me a few days when I return. Thanks!
23-thank you for your email, please due to the number of replies, dont take it personally that i may only get back to you, also should i consider it is not relevent, well as its just not posible to meet all of you, i do have other things in life too
22-Thank you for your mail.
Please send me your sex story(including your sexy pict like your mad penis).
If your story cause me sexy feeling,I'll send back my personal sensual self-introduction(with sexy picts).

I long for you.....
23-Hi there....thanks for responding to my will be hearing from me shortly........if I am interested
24-Thanx for writing to me!!! I'm getting a ton of responses, but if I'm interested I'll try to respond as soon as possible. Thanx again!!
24-Nice to meet ya - I'll be getting back to you later to give you the attention you deserve...ciao for now.

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