I see u at my window.  

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4/23/2006 11:00 am

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I see u at my window.

I see him at my window. Ducking when he thinks I'm looking. I continue to allow him to think he goes un noticed.

Each morning about 5 am. I arise to meditate a while. Then I pull the curtains open and open the blinds. My home is off of the main road. Only a few houses back this way. I can see full well it's my neighbor "LEX" looking in. His wife been passed on for "9" years now. He's been peeping in my window for a little over a year now, since my husbands ran away. I don't mind, it's actually a turn on. I look forward to arising in the morning knowing that "LEX" will be eagerly awaiting my show. Some mornings I'm in a rush to get my day started. Other days I'm slow and purposeful with my movements. Such as I was this morning. This morning I actually wondered what it would be like to have "LEX" kiss me so tenderly in between my legs. I wondered how it would feel to have him suck on my nipples until there perky with desire. I wondered how it would feel to have his cock rubing against my ass cheeks, swelling with desire to seep within the warmth of my love tunnel. Now! This routine with "LEX" has me all perplexed wondering if I should take things a step further and walk to the window after steping from my hot tub, that sits off of in the corner of my Master Bedroom. Along side of the hot tub is a huge glass sliding door which mostly we keep the shades open all the time. On that window. I like to look out into the garden area while I'm in the hot tub. Watch the birds roam about in the early morning hours as the sun rises in the morning. See! I know "LEX" is lurking about for he has permission to come into my yard and tend to my Garden. I just pretend as though he not there and he pretends as though he doesn't even see me along his morning route. This morning I couldn't help myself. I couldn't fight the urge to have "LEX'S" tongue barried deep inside my pussy. So about 6:30 am this morning once done with my relaxing time in the hot tub. After lotioning my body down. I usually go to my closet and start to get dressed. "Lex" usually doesn't leave from tending to my Garden until about 7am. on Friday mornings. All the other morning he doesn't come until about 6:30 and spends about 30 mins in the Garden. He's been tending to my Garden since I've lived here. Which was 9 yrs. I moved her the Month his Wife passed on. He's had a desire for me every since. His desire has heighted since my estranged husband left. It being Friday morning I know he was very aroused for he has more time to view me and wish for me on Friday mornings. Since I was hot and horney this I decided to skip going to my closet and getting dressed. It was a warm summer morning this morning. I'm sure I took "LEX" by surprize when I exited the hot tub and walked straight to the sliding door opened it and called out his name. "LEX" he turned and looked my way. Stunned for all he could do was stand there, garden hoe in his hand, staring at me with his lips hanging opened. After a few moments of him gazing at me. He said; "yes Ms. Genuine what can I do for you? Ms. Genuine replied; "I've seen you watching me." "Not only do I want you to watch me this morning, I desire so strongly for you to finishing bathing me with your tongue." "Lex" clears his throat and says with all due respect Ms. Genuine. I'd love to assist you. Lex drops his hoe and gracefully walks to the deck to fullfill Ms. Genuine's request. As soon as Lex gets close to Ms. Genuine he kneels on his knees and wastes no time aiming his tonque in Genuine's Love tunnel that has the sweetest nectar "LEX" has ever tasted. As LEX dined away, he wondered what took Ms. Genuine so long to ask...

I WROTE this story for someone whose been awaiting one. Hope the read was enjoyable, nevertheless TO ALL!!!

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

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4/23/2006 7:30 pm

Very nice. Thank you!

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