Another lonesome night.  

rm_GenuineTaste 52F
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3/27/2006 9:08 pm

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2/25/2007 5:51 am

Another lonesome night.

Here I sit at the key board again. Late into the night. My lad is finally sleep and I'm wishing I was cuddled under the blanket keeping warm, lying along side some body skin. Awe! maybe in my dreams tonight.

All day I carried a twitch that has yearning to be scratched. About an hour ago I took a nice long shower. Allowing the troubles of my day, to wash away down the drain. While lathering my hair with my coconut shampoo. The aroma took my mind to another place, where I was under a water fall washing my hair. When I was down, I just stood there eyes closed allowing the water in the heat of the Hot, Sunny afternoon to comfort my Spirit some. As I opened my eyes, I seen a man with only a fig leaf covering his manhood. Standing about 20ft from me. Smiling and gazing a way. I smiled and motioned for him to come to me. Without hesitation he walked up to me, kneeled on his knees and began tickling my clit with his tongue. He then carried me over to where he had been standing. There where overside rocks their made in the shape of a bench. He placed me on my back on the bench. He placed my legs over his shoulders, as he was again on his knees. How convenient was the towel he had wraped around his neck. For he took the towel and placed it under his knees for cushioning. Then he went back to lavishly, dining on my pussy. Sticking his fingers inside of me while he was dining. It a matter of just a few minutes, I had squirted my juices all in my suitors mouth. His fingers were actually my fingers, fondling myself to an orgasm. The rest was just my imagination helping me to bust a load. The last few days I've been feeling rather horny. When the urge strikes me like this. I've got to do what I've got to do, to release my bubble when it feels the sensation to burst.

Hot showers always does me wonders. I take them as hot as I can. Allowing the water to massage my back is so relaxing. Just like preparing for a date. I like to be fresh and pampered a little by myself, prior to fondling myself. Here I couldn't wait to finish showering tonight. I had the urge for a sexual release so strong. I just handled my business in the shower as I sometimes do. That's when the urge hits me strong and quick. My best encounters with myself, is when I'm Spread eagle on my bed and I use my massager toy and I fantasize away. Fondling my breasts and clit until I erupt. That usually takes about 15-20 mins, until I'm flushed and red as a beet, driping sweet nectar down my legs.

Right now I wish I had some one to tuck me in tonight. Oh! Well I'm off to dream land now. Perhaps I'll have a sensual dream and wet my beds sheets, from cuming in my sleep. When that happens sometimes it's a welcome feeling.

Good nite all...Sweet Dreams to ya!

Live&Let Live...Live&Learn

rm_jgbkab 43M

3/28/2006 5:40 pm

It's always a pleasure to read how you pleasure yourself.

wifey3223 49F
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3/28/2006 5:18 pm

i use vo5 shampoo too. ues it's easy to slip into another world.

wifey3223 49F
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3/28/2006 5:17 pm

i use vo5 cocunut shampoo too, yes it's very realxing. i guess they're arent ass many men up theyre as the d. they're like roaches here, plenty to multiply. some will be offended in this, im just keeping it real. i do love sex, but theyre sometimes to much to handel. i wanta have a private at 50 ,lol. where'e the romance, long night's , slow romacing sex.

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