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5/13/2006 9:47 am

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OK. I been on this site for several years. I have talked to maybe 4 people and met only 1. She was a very wonderful person and we had a good time, but we live in 2 different cities. I find this to be very sad.

I have been in the swinging lifestyle for about 25 years off and on (Dam thats a long time when you see it typed out). I've met nice people that I am still close to, and I have met some assholes that their own dogs didn't like them.

This is not a bitch or a gripe just an observation. It seems to me that the longer I'm on here the more fake adds I see. To those of you that are REAL please don't take that the wrong way. You all know who you are. Back before the internet we had to get books to find each other.

What I think that I'm getting at is there seems to be no sense of fun anymore. Maybe the computer age has made it so easy or clinical that it's become like ordering a pair of shoes On-Line.

Maybe I long for the days when people got together in groups and had a good time partying. Now it's almost like having a "Power Lunch" with a check list of things to get done(ie:Have Drink, Eat Pussy, Suck Cock, Fuck, Go Home). That just took the fun out of that in a hurry didn't it.

As the "Lone-Over-40-Swinger" I'm almost SOOL(Shit-Out-Of-Luck). To old for some and SINGLE( My live-in-partner has no interest in the lifestyle, but she lets me have my own space to do what I like). I started out single so this is no big deal for me. And for those of you that zeroed in on SINGLE. NO, I don't want to run off with you and/or NO, I don't want your wife I had one and I don't want another.

It'5:00am. I was up before 9:00am. I've got a case of the on and on's and I need to go to bed. If you read this Alabamian's please respond to the ramblings of a tired (Not Re-tired)old swinger. Good Night.

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