Hello all!  

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9/21/2005 1:48 am

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Hello all!

[3]LINGERIE...I just love it all!!! I love wearing it under what I am wearing.....and no one knows that I have it on but me. And I love the way it feels under my clothes.
I was thinking that I want to start my own Lingerie shop....but with a different twist. I want to first design one-of-a-kind.....and also make lingerie for every size woman...and make sure that it looks good. I am thinking of having a line of lingerie that women can add their own finishing touches. I am tired of going to lingerie shops, especially where I live and finding almost the same style shape and color!!!! I love every color of the rainbow and then some!!!! Let me know what you all think of this....maybe some of you can give me some ideas...I will take those ideas into consideration!

I will be anxious for your responses to this!!!

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9/21/2005 5:51 am


TwiceShy10 65M

12/6/2005 6:45 pm

I could imagine a lingerie shop as part of a larget womens clothing store, but it's in the back and up a flight of stairs. A nice place - serving white wine and catering to the lady. Call it "Linda's Loft"

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