And I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow!  

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3/7/2006 7:40 am

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And I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow!

Well, it's coming down. The profile is coming down March 28 when my subscription runs out. And this time it's not because I'm fed up with AdultFriendFinder. (Why does fed up mean you're upset but people always equate being full with satisfied?) Quite the opposite. I have found what I set out to find here. A friend. Quite a few actually. Some that I won't even sleep with! I have found some people who I can be myself around and not worry about them judging me. One person in particular has helped cement this decision to leave AdultFriendFinder. Because really, what's the point in staying on once you've found what you were looking for? It's like looking for something you lost, finding it, and then continuing to search. You found it! Enough! Stop looking already! So there. But the one thing I will miss most from AdultFriendFinder is this. My blog! I love my blog! I want to hug it and squeeze it and name it George! I love the fact that I can come on hear and pour out my heart and people from all over can read it. It really helps the exhibitionist in me get his kicks! So now what will I do with out my blog? Stare at a photo of my blog on my desk? Here's my blog and I on the beach. Here we are at the Zoo.
I'll miss you blog!

newtothis022006 43F

3/7/2006 11:28 am

You crack me up, Gameboy! Can you send me a photo of you and your blog at a hockey game?

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