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8/1/2006 8:41 pm

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Greetings! I will be giving this site till Wednesday morning to produce results. If no connection is made I will cancell it! For this is not worth it to me if no connection is made! My phone is 602-218-1464. My main email is galweckmdragon netscape.com. I treat women with great respect! I was hoping to test out my equipment before I got married later on this month. I never had sex for my former faith did not beleive in sex before marriage. Right now I just want sex and not getting it! I really dount there are women here who are wanting sex. Yes I am not that great of a looker! Yes I am unexperenced! While I never had sex in this life I had sex in other lives. So I know how to make love! I only have to worry if I can keep it up or not! If I offeneded any of you ladies forgive me! My profile I updated and has yet to be approved. It wont be visable until Tuesday do to this being a holiday! I do not go to bars,for I do not like them! I tried dating services with no results. Bye beautifull Ladies,for now!

angelofmercy5 60F
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8/1/2006 9:11 pm

Welcome to the blogs Galweck! You sound like an interesting person. I'll look forward to reading more of your posts. I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime and say hello!

GalweckDragon 61M

8/2/2006 10:24 pm

I now have my own computer. I use Netsape dial up as my isp. I am a security guard, for now! I go and do what the god-nesses need me to do. It called for me to absine from sex most of my life. Ed

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