Memories of beach sex...  

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7/5/2006 5:15 pm

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Memories of beach sex...

There's nothing like showing off and sharing your wife or girlfriend as far as intensity of experience. It began with my first girlfriend in college. I used to take her to a beach near where we lived, and in the woods behind the beach the two of us would strip and mess around. There were a number of men who would wander through the woods (cruising for sex), and several times we were watched as we had sex. One of my favorite experiences with her was one of these times in the woods: We were both about 18 years old at the time, both thin and fit, and she was a very attractive girl (looking a bit like Sunny Leone, the porn star).

We began on the beach, then I took her for a stroll down one of the paths in the woods. She was wearing a string bikini and a bikini wrap that was really just a little scarf. She took her bikini top off, exposing her perky little A-cup titties. She had dark brown, thick nipples that stood out a good quarter inch off her chest when she was excited, surrounded by puffy areolas. As we walked I noticed a couple of guys on the side paths who seemed to be keeping up with us. We'd been down the paths before, so my girlfriend knew that we were looking for a spot to fuck. We took a side path that I was familiar with and I took off her wrap and draped it over the trunk of a tree that had been blown over in a storm. I leaned her back and pulled down her bikini bottoms (she already had the top off as we wandered through the path n the woods), exposing her black haired bush. She trimmed, but didn't shave (I still am not a big fan of clean-shaven). She had thick labia that were very dark--almost black--in contrast to her olive skin. I squatted down in front of her and buried my face in her muff. She was wet from the anticipation and from the excitement of being naked outdoors, and completely visible to whoever might wander by.

After a few minutes of enjoying the flavor of her beautiful pussy, I noticed movement on either side of us in the trees. Leaning back I pushed a couple of fingers inside her, and looked around while I finger-fucked her and thumbed her swollen clitty. I saw two guys, both of whom had taken off their trunks and were stroking their cocks, while tryin to remain relatively discreet. They were trying to enjoy the show but were afraid to scare us off. I looked up at her, and she was pretending not to notice them. She was a major exhibitionist, so I knew she wouldn't mind as I silently waved toward the guys to tell them to approach.

They were probably both in their 30's or 40's, in good shape, and with big heavy cocks. They stood on either side of her, and for the moment they seemed content to watch and jack off while I went back to eating her. I wanted them to help me, so I guided the free hand of the guy on my left to her breast. The other guy followed suit, using his off hand to play with her hard nipple. I needed to have a free hand to play with my own cock, so after a couple more minutes eating her I pulled one guys hand down to play with her pussy and hold it open for me. The other guy saw this and put his hand behind her to play with her round ass and reach her pussy from behind (she had a big, round ass for a petite girl). Since I had two hands free now, I reached up with my left hand to pinch and pull her nips. She liked it when her nipples and tits were roughly treated at the height of passion.

She had been using her hands to brace herself against the tree trunk, but I coaxed her into taking a cock in each hand, and went back to work on her clit with my tongue. Now that we were all interacting, it didn't take long for her orgasm. She started breathing quickly and biting her lower lip, and I knew she has started coming. I reached up with one hand and started pinching and pulling her nipples hard, and with the other hand stuck three fingers into her cunt. She started shaking and bucking...she was always quiet when she came, but she was very physical about her orgasms. I knew from experience that she was probably gripping the two cocks pretty tightly when she came, and it drove both guys over the top, as they started unloading their cum all over her hips and ass, she pulled them against her and rubbed their cocks against her cream-covered sides.

That was enough for me, without even touching myself I started to come on the pine needle covered sand, my pole jerking and squirting all on its own while I stuck my tongue as deep as I could inside my hot girlfriend. She was a multiple comer, and while she had her second and third orgasms in my mouth, our newfound friends silently excused themselves and disappeared back into the woods. I stood up and slid myself into her (I've always stayed hard after coming, much to my girlfriends' and wife's delights), and brought her to another orgasm before we cleaned up with the bikini wrap and walked back to the beach.

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