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7/7/2006 10:15 pm
Lunch Fantasies

I could really use a dessert. Something in a blonde, brunette, or redhead, but shaven is fine too. I went to lunch this afternoon at the local Chili's, where we go often, and I have a crush on at least three of the staff. One is a brunette with shoulder length hair, a slim build, and a warm, easy smile. I think her name is Jessica. She was our hostess today. She looks like she'd be a great on a casual date, lots of fun, and I'd love to make out with her. I could imagine the two of us sitting down on the couch to watch some TV show or sporting event, playing some sort of stripping/kissing game....

For instance, if you've ever watched CSI: Miami, note how David Caruso (the red-haired lead actor) delivers his lines. He starts his line looking down or off to the side, and just when he gets to the last syllable, he looks up into the other character's eyes. Almost every time. Check it out tonight.... Anyway, we would alternate whenever he has a line. If it's my turn, and he says his line and does the whole "look up at the other character" thing, then I have to take off something, but if he doesn't, then I get to kiss a naked part of her (my choice) until his next line. On her turn, same deal. He does it so often that we'd be naked before the middle of the show, and then we'd probably just spend the rest of the show making out, and giggling at David Caruso.

If we watched one of the basketball games that just wrapped up last month, we could pick sides. I'd take Miami (I'm a Florida boy) and she'd take Dallas, and at the start of the game, and every time one team gets 10 points, we'd pay attention to the next shot each team made. If Dallas shoots and misses, she takes something off. If they make their next shot, she'd get to do the kissing, and vice-versa. All we'd have to hope for is a high-scoring game.

The woman who waited on us today is one of my favorites. She's got dark blonde, kinky-curly hair that she keeps in a bun. She's short and curvy, like Carla Gugino from Sin City (only not nearly as naked, dangit). She's probably mid-thirties, and totally cute, probably Latina background, with a little bit of a Central American accent. She seems like the kind of woman that would enjoy a bit of pampering. The first part of our date would be at at the Galleria, buy her a nice new dress, new stockings and shoes, get her hair and nails done, then off by limo to McCormick and Schmicks--not just because of the food, but because they have tables in little booths with drapes that cover the entrance. Between the soup and salad courses I'd put her feet in my lap, slip off her shoes and rub her toes and massage her feet through her stockings. Between salad and entree I'd slide down off my chair and suck her toes, and kiss my way up her calves, while coaxing her out of her panties. During the entree I'd put her feet in my lap so that she could feel how excited I was through my suit pants. During dessert, while she ate her Tiramisu, I'd eat her.

The last of the three is the one I have the biggest crush on, a short, very curvy Latina that looks just like a younger version of Aria Giovanni. I think her name is Danielle. She must have just turned twenty-one, because she had only been hostessing, not waiting tables or working the bar, and now she does both. I could eat her up, totally consume her. My fantasy with her is on a private tropical beach, maybe in the Virgin Islands, for a weekend in the sun. We'd get a beach hut and a personal valet that would fix us drinks and food while we spent the entire time naked, exploring each other's bodies. I'd hire a masseur to give me lessons in erotic massage, and she would be our subject. I can just image her stretched out on the table while four strong hands rub, press and probe her into a state of ongoing ecstasy. mmmmmm.

So that was lunch.

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