Is Jerry doing a good job with his profile etc?  

GSpotJerry 41M
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4/29/2006 8:45 pm

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5/1/2006 10:34 am

Is Jerry doing a good job with his profile etc?

Hmmm.... am looking for some feedback from my readership. I think I'm doing a great job! ... I would really find this helpful and amusing. So let me know.
Wow, this guy is writing some smack but I like it! Definately want to know him better!
This guys writing is good, but only interested in chatting on MSN
You are responding to the poll because you are bored and you like to press the button.
Replying to this poll out of contempt, dagger eyes, foul spirits, this guy pisses me off!!!

rm_sassybaby69 31F
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5/1/2006 12:57 am

I vote #2 only because I just have my computer on all the time... it's just easier that way. I also never have enough time to read my e-mail unless it is 2 in the morning like right now and I have nothing else to do. GtG though have to work in the morning!

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