A calmer rant than usual.  

GSpotJerry 41M
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5/23/2006 2:09 pm

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5/23/2006 5:21 pm

A calmer rant than usual.

Despite the past posts, (over a week since my last one), I am back. So I am less choked at this now than I was a week ago. I am actually feeling fine. My opinion of this site hasn't changed, bloody full of drop jawed idiots that couldn't tell the difference between a triple prime steak and a slab of rump roast. Thier loss, but that still leaves me with not a whole lot to choose from, unlike everyone that lives in the cities. Seems there, they actually want to meet people to have sex with. I think most of the gals here didn't reply because they are only here to get some extra attention that thier boyfriends are not giving them. Getting emails from strangers makes these people feel better about themselves. As for actually filling that void in thier lives because they are unsatisfied with what they have, thats very unlikely, so why bother replying? These lazy bitches don't deserve me anyway. Perhaps I tried too hard? Perhaps I didn't try hard enough? Most likely though it wasn't me at all. At any rate my participation here has dropped off the deep end. I'm much different in person than you see here. I am much nicer in person than I am in this opinionated filthy blog. This is just the sphincter of my mental pewp. You would meet an articulate, intelligent gentleman. I am the last one on the face of the earth. I know. I haven't met any others, and neither have any girls I know. Here's the kicker. {unload baggage here} You would not know what to do or how to treat me, and would eventually fuck it up so bad I would hate you anyways. The best things in life are NEVER appreciated. And the worst things in life hold such a fascination with you girls that *you* all end up making the least logical decision possible and mercilessly dump us gentlemens for complete pricks that only want to fuck you, and you bawl your eyes out when *they* leave you a week later (they got the milk why feed a cow), and in lieu of you hating yourself for making a bad choice, you would hate me so you have somnething other than yourself to hate. And I would be standing in the dust wondering what the fuck I did wrong when you were the one that "FELT" like doing this and I just get this \8 up my @!@ ... So GSpotJerry is done with the commitment thing. Too much energy required. But if you want to get laid and have fun doing it, and meet someone that won't fuck you ever (just licking, lovin', and torrid sexual encounters), email me. If you like multiple orgasms that is.
Cheers, Lifes a beach , Jerry!

demonicsexkitten 43F
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5/23/2006 4:55 pm

*raises eyebrow*

I gather, from reading this, that you've been on this site for a while and gotten a real run-around.

Unfortunately... your blog is also part of showing who YOU are. Maybe the rest of your blog is better than this one? But "I'm much nicer in person than I am on this blog" isn't very convincing. Perhaps you are. But (at least in my experience) the blog is a lot of what gets women to feel comfortable and be interested in you.

And sorry: you're not the last on the face of the earth. Perhaps in your corner of the world? but not the entirety of it.

anyways Best of luck.

GSpotJerry replies on 5/23/2006 6:17 pm:
Agree with real runaround.

And Jerry is a nice dude.

No one from here really reads this anyways. Just SOME of the people I have mentioned it too have tuned in.

I'd like to meet your friend.


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