Why do they even bother...............  

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1/14/2006 8:28 am

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3/26/2006 2:38 pm

Why do they even bother...............

How many times have you messaged someone only to have them not return your message? While I realize that women get a lot more messages that most men, it would still be nice to receive an answer, even if it's telling you to drop dead. I think it is a common courtesy to answer messages, although it doesn't seem to be all that common on this site. It's like when someone talks to you. You at least let them know that you herd them. The same should hold true with messages. Ladies, please at least let us know that you received the message and you are not interested. Don't just ignore it. Doing so gives the impression that you are a rude stuck up bitch, which is probably NOT the image that you are trying to project. Just think how you would feel if someone else did that to you.


6/4/2006 3:01 pm

Hi...I used to think one should answer also...however....I declined a man...he sent another email calling me a liar...said IF I did have a new man...I wouldn't be on here and the called me a bunch of names. This got my goat and I replied with the same curses...he had be thrown off AdultFriendFinder!!!...so really...what is honest...or safe?

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