Why are we such voyeurs?  

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1/21/2006 3:02 am

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3/9/2006 2:47 pm

Why are we such voyeurs?

We love to watch each other masturbate and have sex.

I don't suppose that is such an odd fantasy, but combine it with watching each other have sex with other people and it begins to become kinky...different from the average couple at least.

For me, it started with my first girlfriend from high school and onto college and I think that it has helped our relationship now.

With the past girlfriend, she went from being a virgin, to a shy beginner, a regular lover, to an all out sexaholic...

Once we both reached college, we got to enjoy sex everyday with each other. Sometimes two to three times a day on a weekend and in our kinkier moments seven to ten times.

Those made for great Saturdays in the dorm room when the roomate had gone home for the weekend.

Of course, college involves drinking, heavily and the first time my girl ever got naked in front of another besides me was a Saturday night while watching SNL (when it was funny), and playing cards and drinking cheap beer...(yes...the Beast).

Of course, this lead to strip poker with one of my suite mates. A kid from New Jersey who was two years younger...a freshman...who just puppy-dogged my girl and thought she walked on water.

So here we are in the dorm room, he and I both without shirts, socks and so forth with jeans and boxers still on when she loses her panties. We're all drunk...so I say...since you lost...you gotta masturbate with your vibrator in front of us both.

To my suprise and without hesitation, she goes right to my drawer where we kept our collection of sex toys, pulls out her fattest vibe and kicks back on the sofa and goes to town.

Our friend couldn't believe it and niether could I. We were both pitching tents and she was getting incredibly aroused showing off for us.

She continued moaning and grinding until she came. The windows were up and I am sure that others down the hallway could hear her moans.

Our friend said he had to go to the bathrooms and he would be right back. The suite consisted of four two-man rooms with a bathroom suite at the end of the hallway.

While he was out of the room we started kissing and I kneeled down on my knees in front of the sofa and began to eat her out. I told her how hot it was to show her off...and she knew it was a fantasy of mine and we had role played such kinky shit before...so I said: "Ok, now its time to put up or shut up. I dare you to go into the bathroom and shower with him....and fuck him if you dare."

Well the liquid courage worked on her and she said: "Are you sure? You want be mad at me later if I do this?"

"Hell no. I am just going to fuck you hard when you get done," I said.

So off she went. I laid ther on the sofa stroking thinking about what she might be doing.

She, sans clothes, walks into the bathroom and I hear where he's washing his hands. She giggled and announced to him that she was now going to shower and she wanted him in there. He said, "What about him?", and she assured him it was ok.

She was his fantasy girl and this was truly a dream come true for him.

I laid there and listened as they showered together and he fingered her and she sucked him. The screams were hot as hell.

Then the water turned off and looked out the door and she's up in his arms as he takes her into his room and throws her on the bed.

Then he begins fucking her and the sounds of the two of them going at it is all I can stand, I jerk off to there lovemaking, which didn't last long and he shot his load into her.

At that moment, we were both hooked. We then became swingers I guess.

A few minutes later, he had passed out and she walked back into my room. Jizz was dripping down her leg and a big grin on her face.

She grabbed me, kissed me deep and hard, and we collapsed on the sofa wher I fucked her off and on for hours reliving it.

We had many more adventures just like it.

So then I was hooked. Now, years later, I still enjoy my girl fucking others and exploring her sexuality with me.

We have now been seeing each other for about a year and a half, since she turned 18. I am 32 and she is now 19 and is never without a school mate trying to fuck her.

I listened one day on the phone when she fucked a boy in her dorm room...man it is just as fun today as it was then.

We love it!

sassybelle21 33F  
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1/21/2006 4:59 am

Fun and more fun!! If only I was kinky like that

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