World Cup Weekend  

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6/26/2006 5:52 am

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World Cup Weekend

As we left a few weeks ago for our cycle trip though Austria, we thought like a lot of others , that by the time we returned the world cup fever here, would have died down ,
No chance , all the papers and commentators said Germany would not get though the 1st round , and poor Klinsmann the manager has been criticized, for his style , choice and just about everything else, but as we saw on TV during our trip, Germany won it's 1st two games, and as we re-entered the country, every second house, and almost all the cars were flying German flags.

Not to be outdone lots of others are now also flying their national flags two, in our area we have lots of Italian, Spanish, one French, several Portuguese, and now one England flag proudly fluttering in the wind. And lots of the Turkish population are also flying German flags along side Turkish ones, although Turkey didn't qualify, they are supprting their host country.

The whole country is having a party almost everyday, in every large town there are big screens showing all the games, as well as in clubs bars etc, and the street parties after the matches are something to see and experience, with fans of all nations having a good time.

So at the weekend, Mrs GB went off to collage as always, and I spent some time with Mum in Law , helping her in the garden.
By the time Mrs GB arrived in the afternoon , most of the mowing was done, and the grill fire was ready.

At around 5 o clock in the afternoon we had finished, tidied up and I was on my way home, and Mrs Gb went off to the empty supermarket to shop.

Mr Junior was already at some street party, and I showered dressed etc, and watched the German game, and generally got ready for our date, who was in Stuttgart watching the match there on the big screen .

While Mrs GB, shaved her naughty bits and and showered, I went off to the train station to collect him.

Needless to say , we finally got to sleep very late that night ( more on our "other" blog ) gangbangcple.

Sunday morning woke up late, lazed about most of the day to recover energy , until our daughter, ( dressed in England colours, and waving a flag) arrived with her boyfriend for dinner and to watch the England match. our son was already off to Stuttgart to watch the match there in the main square.

Not a very enjoyable match , but a wonderful afternoon with family and football.

I never thought that I would get involved in the fever, but the whole event has been very well received , and organized, and as said before, the whole country is enjoying a month of street parties, as well as parties in sport clubs , and friendly gathering at home.

My children have the best of both worlds, as they are supporting England and Germany, not sure what Will happen if both teams meet in the semi, or finals

All in all a great weekend, filled with family, sport and very good sex.

the_2_ofus2 45M/57F

6/26/2006 6:36 am

Glad to hear you had a great weekend.
(it's alright for some) lol. only joking, good to hear you got into the atmosphere of things.

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