Time passages III - Summer of ' 69  

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Time passages III - Summer of ' 69

We were in bed, hard at it, the doorbell rang , looking out from the window, I saw it was Alfie , an un-sucessfull petty criminal I knew from the fairground, where I miss-spent my youth, he had a young girl with him.

I let them in, she was a "runaway", not the first, or the last that we had given shelter to.
She said her name was Julia, and that she 17, she looked younger.

We made them a bed of cushions on the floor of our
small Balham bedsit. They started screwing , we carried on from where we had left off.

Within two days, Julia had managed to drop Alfie, (who had, as always great plans to put her "on the game" for him)and was with a Toyboy, (they were not called that, way back then) who was being kept by a much older woman who ran and own a rifle shooting stall at the fairground.

Eventually "suger mummy" found out, and threw him out. Alfie, still hovering in the background introduced her to a much older businessman, he somehow knew. Julia soon had her own little flat,clothes, and was being taken out to dinner, and to all the right places. Alfie, much to his chagrin , never once profited from this, like I said,unsucessfull, none of his grand schemes ever came to anything.

We remained friends with Julia for years. I slept with her often, sometimes minuets before "daddy" came to pick her up to take her out, and much later, after he had left. We also had a few threesums with her, my wife, Julia and I.

After our marrage broke up, I still used to visit her often, so did my ex-wife, and she visited me , and her too.

In all that time , she had a more or less a regular boy friend, the father of her children, two lovery boys, and was from time to time settled.

One day some time in late '79 I think, her old boy friend called me, they had long since broken up, and he was looking after the children, and asked if I would be prepared to help her out, once again. I had not seen or heard of her for a few years, and the last time we had a nasty row.

The next day Julia moved in, luckly I had a small flat in Fulham, with a spare attic bedroom.

We were comfort for each other, she told me some horendous stories of things that had happened to her, in the last few years, and now she was working in a massage parlour in Kings Cross, of all places. Sometimes she slept in my my bed , sometime I, in hers, but mostly we both slept alone.

The last ten years had really taken it's toll on her, I kept my eye on her, made sure she didn't take to many of those bright coloured pills, she always had with her, and tried to limit her drinking. Sometimes she would 'phone me in the early hours of the morning to pick her up from somewhere, and bring her home, and I would listen to her stories of what when wrong with her "date"
then put her into my bed, and hold her tight untill she slept.

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