Passau 3 rivers city  

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Passau 3 rivers city

The Danube flows slowly into Passau, a light shade of green, soon it is met by the Inn, a fast flowing almost crystal clear mountain river, and then the Ilz, also fast flowing, a much darker shade of green. At the point underneath the fortress you can see where all three colors of these rivers meet.

The fortress was built in 1099 by the Bishop of Passau to protect the town and it's important trade, mostly salt and iron in those days. It always was and still is a very posperious town, theses days full of tourists and river boats and barges.

From here many start on the cycle route to Vienna. The cycle paths follow the Danube almost all the way along it's banks on both sides of the river.
The cycle paths are in most places built on the original tow paths, where over many centuries horses pulled the barges carry their valuable cargoes upstream.

From here the Danube flows into Austria and the "Most Viertle" Most is Cider, and in this part of Austria they make the best I have ever tasted.

The most interesting part of the journey here is the "Schloegener Donauschlinge". This is where the Danube,confronted by extreme hard granite moutains on both sides, takes two turns back on it's self.

The river, unable to cut though the granite, instead cuts it's way though the valley and the river bed. At it's deepest point it is around 200 metres deep.

The entire area here is a Nature protection area.

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