Getting It Up ! Part I  

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1/5/2006 9:27 am

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Getting It Up ! Part I

I was playing around in the European Hot Tub, yesterday, as is my want, and I made a little joke about Viagra, to my surprise, I was asked if I had ever taken it.

This morning as I was doing my usual rounds of blogs I found this one from womanoirish

Impotence problem Take Viagra on the same subject, and it reminded me of several private converstions I have had with friends about the subject.

We have a good friend, a Urologist, whom we often meet for dinner, and we love hearing his stories.
So I asked him one day is his surgery packed full of men all asking for Viagra, "Surprisingly no" he said. It would appear that a great deal of men who have a problem are very reluctant to even talk to their doctor about it, so what he does is after he has made all the normal checks and tests etc,is he asks his male patients straight out " Is there anything else on your mind?"

After some shifting around on their chair they normaly blurt it out, but of course it's not a real problem you know, they just want to "find out".

So after doing some more tests, and lots of questioning, most actualy could do with using it , so he prescribes it for them.

Some other interesting things he told us.

Most men aged around 50 and over, have erection problems, that is quite normal, as the penis loses some of it's ability to remain as firm as it once did. It is also not unusual for men over 40 to have this problem too. As we get older, our desire for sex declines, thats quite normal too, although sex with the same partner for 20 years also has its effect!. (applies for women too, of course)That is why he always asks detailed questions of his patients!

Trouble is most men will not admit it, like our fellow blogger womanoirish we too have had dates with men that would appear to have this problem, and they just will not admit it, we assume because they think that a new sexual adventure will be the "cure all", mostly we have found it is not!.

Our doctor friend tells us he has lots of enquires from older female patients asking on behalf of their partners, but less from the men , and I too have had conversations with female friends ( some from A F F) about the same thing, their men will just not go to the doctor to get help.

Why on earth not?

Why do they (and their partners) have to suffer in silence?

I have no doubt that many of the men on this site will tell you that they, even in advancing age can still get it up, and go all night, etc, etc, well I for one do not believe it, and I know from some of the blogs I have read , that this is not always true.

Anyway , when my time comes, and it will come I'm sure of that, and I will need to take it on a regular basis, I will do so, without any problem.

We are very fortunate, Mrs GB and I, because we are very open with each other, we can talk about almost any problem, and especialy when it is about sex, I know that this is not true of all couples, sadly.

Oh and the answer to the original question, is yes, I have tried it, out of curiosity, and it was an interesting experiance.

more about that in Part II

ac_sting 53M/53F

1/7/2006 9:26 pm

Ok, I will admit it, I got a 6 pack of viagara, it was a trial pack and I didn't think it would be no big deal since I haven't had no problems in that area. Dang, I must admit it does make you hard as a rock, almost painful, but its kinda freakish. Actually I didn't notice it as much as the wife noticed the difference in hardness. I don't take a whole pill though, I break it in half, I don't want to know what the results would be if I did, lol, maybe it would just explode.

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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1/5/2006 12:18 pm

well, lol, i have never tried it but i can think of a few men younger than you have mentioned who should have!

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