Waiter, there's something Fuzzy in my soup!!!!!  

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5/7/2006 9:55 pm

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7/3/2006 10:31 pm

Waiter, there's something Fuzzy in my soup!!!!!

I've been reading a blog that a relatively new "friend" has been posting quite regularly. She is a most amazing woman, to be able to open up and share some of her most intimate, and painful, moments in her life, to literally thousands of strangers.

I was in an online support group several years ago, hoping it would be somewhat of an outlet, or healing pool, that I could go to and share my concerns and pains with. All it ever turned out to be was a "I'm on more meds than you", or, "Your depression/problems are nothing compared to mine". It always felt like someone was trying to "one-up" the other members in some morbid form or another. It got me absolutely no where.

Which is probably why I am so reluctant to share here, even my erotic fantasies. I'm so damned insecure and afraid of criticism and rejection, so preoccupied with the thought that I'm just an overweight, middle-aged (or getting there) perv (since 45 seems to be over nearly everyone's age preference),that I can't seem to let it all out, as it were.

Pretty pathetic...

Some of you, it seems like I've known for so very long here. I know I can get a laugh or two in the chat room (PHILLY TRI-STATE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) now and then, but would anyone really listen if I needed them? And if they would, would I be able to reveal myself to them (or here, even, to everyone), hoping that "hug" would somehow be enough to bring a smile to my face and make the hurting go away for just a little while?

As for the friend I've recently made here, as much as I am beginning to desire her, I envy her. Her spirit is as beautiful, if not more, as her physical self.

Well, I can confidently say that I'm rambling like hell now. Time to finish the laundry, and a glass of tequila, and go to bed...

see you all in the funny papers...

want2play926 47F

6/12/2006 7:56 am

First off...
(I am not going to assume anything here, however...)

This new friend of yours is blessed to have you. Sometimes it takes a while for things to happen. Example, finding a friend that you can just be yourself with and open up to.

Do not be scared to open up here...someone will ALWAYS listen...ME! I may only be one person, but I have 2 shoulders if you ever need them. People here are more caring then we give them credit for. I first thought, "Oh this is a sex site...no one thinks of anything but." I was DEAD wrong. And so glad that I was...

I too have met some wonderful people here and Iama better person for it. I treasure the friendships here. ALL OF THEM!

See ya around Big Daddy,

want2play926 47F

6/12/2006 8:39 pm

I had to come back and say another thing...

Do not be afraid that people will think you are weird or bad of you. We are all twisted some how here. That is what makes us all a part of Blogville.

Open up and you will see...It does take time to build friendship up here, but they do happen.

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