Our unbridled passion  

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3/23/2006 8:48 pm
Our unbridled passion

The sensual feeling of satisfaction and connection kept me feeling warm and tingly as my cock slowly softened inside her. I could feel her soft arse pressed into my groin as she lay in my arms, my hands cupping her soft breasts. We lay in bliss, two bodies connected, the pungent aroma of our intense fucking reaching my nostrils and making me smile again.

We had met almost a week earlier, both travelling the same route, so had formed a companionship which had grown beautifully. We had clasped hands at the bar a few days earlier, and danced close, until I realised my colleagues were watching, my career could suffer from their judgemental actions. We both knew there was a sexual tension between us though. Tonight, after the bar had emptied, we went for a walk to chat, the sexual tension was perceivable as we both had other things on our minds. As we walked, we stole kisses and held our bodies close, although Michelle had decided to come with us so we were attempting to be discrete.

Later, Michelle having gone to bed, we finally allowed our passion to be releases. The prolonged tension suddenly finding release as we kissed and explored our bodies. It was not long before we were both undressed, our clothes flung across the small room as we saw, for the first time, how our bodies fitted together so well. She is a few inches smaller than me, with a tight figure but some of the biggest breasts I had ever seen. A sexy arse, rather smaller than you would expect, considering the size of her breasts.

I don’t usually go for girls with big breasts, I am a leg and arse man, but her figure had the best of both worlds. I was in aw as I explored the velvety softness of her skin, the bounce of her breast as I massaged and the sexuality of her kissing. Then she removed her tan coloured g-string, revealing for the first time her massively swollen lips, slightly parting, with a slight glisten of her love juice. I was lusting to be a part of her body, and I found quickly she was feeling the same. Sexily and slowly, she lay back on my bed, spreading her legs and arms to welcome me into her folds. I lowered myself onto her body, being careful not to enter her, which was very difficult indeed. Her body seemed to move to the shape of mine, our organs touching and drawing each other closer. We kissed deeply, then I disengaged, since the first peak of her love juice, I just had to taste them before stirring them up.

I lowered myself to her legs, then bent and inhaled her pheromones and tasted, for the first time, her sweat, slippery lubrication. It tasted like pure sex, and had me leaking pre-cum like I had rarely done before. I found her clit swollen and fully exposed, aching to be pleasured, but had to drink some of her juices first. Licking the outer folds of her pussy, then, working into her tunnel, I found unlimited supplies to be tasted and savoured. I could no longer ignore the grinding of her hips, I raised my tongue slightly, licking her clit and within minutes releasing a loud orgasm from her body.

I was to find over the next few hours that she is indeed a very vocal lover, gasping, screaming and begging for more constantly. I was slightly put off as I know what it is like to hear other people’s lovemaking whilst trying to sleep. She was unable to keep quiet so I did my best to gag her with kisses whilst we had uninhibited sex in every possible position. Our bodies joining, our hips grinding into each other, we realised we had both found our sexual equal.

The passion and thrill we both shared as our bodies joined was breathtaking, pleasuring each other in fantastic ways. Never before had sex felt so pure. We fucked without inhibition, she knew how to please my body without fault, and we instinctively took each other from orgasmic wave to orgasmic wave. From fucking on the bed in the missionary position, we moved into variations of doggy. We both came together as I orgasmed for the first time and she enjoyed her second, the first having been brought on by my tongue.

I thought I was spent after that, our sweat covered bodies holding close, gasping for breath together. As I pulled myself from inside her, removing my condom, she had other ideas. Turning me onto my back, she took my softening penis into her mouth and cleaned the cum from my head and foreskin. After a minute or two, I felt a very light stiffing in my penis again, encouraged, I began exploring her body again, all the while she licked and sucked on my knob. Having brought my cock back to life, she turned to straddle me, lowering herself onto my reinvigorated shaft. I barely managed to delay her to get another condom in place.

She took charge, riding me in the most sensual movements. I held her breasts and rubbed her clit when I could gain access. My hands explored her breasts, stomach and butt as she ground our pelvises together. Through the direct stimulation to her clit, she came again, collapsing into my arms. I let her rest on me, my hands exploring her arse, my hips slowly moving my cock inside her. After a while I needed more action, sensing this, she started to move with me again. Picking her up, I thrust into her whilst standing, leaning her against a wall with her legs drawn around my waist. Kissing passionately, both for pleasure, and to stifle her vocal display, we sought the stimulation and release our bodies craved. This felt unbridled and erotic, but did not overly stimulate either of us so soon we were back on the bed.

Laying her down, I continued to thrust into her. Our kissing was intense as her hands explored my back and butt. I felt her fingers grasp my cock as it slid into her, and then they moved up to my butt, I could feel the moisture from her pussy on her fingers and waited, wondering if she would. I felt her wet fingers circle my anus, then one slide inside. The feeling was incredible, so erotic and sensual. My thrusting caused her finger to move in and out of me in rhythm. I felt lost in delirium. The stimulation I felt was incredible but the position was awkward so we moved into a doggy position. I felt encouraged so explored her butt while it was so exposed to me. Drawing moisture from her dripping pussy was no problem. I could not resist tasting some of this, yum. Then I lubricated her anus and slowly inserted a finger. She squealed and told me it felt great. I could feel my cock through her internal skin, moving inside her pussy. I knew I would not last much longer so I fondled her breasts briefly, then I found her clit.

We were both so overstimulated, our sex being so unbridled and pure lust. Her body recoiled as I touched her clit. Clueing on, I realised it was too sensitive for direct stimulation. I massaged around her clit bringing even more cries of passion from her. We both drew from the others heightened stimulation and came together. I have never felt such release, my whole body tensing and relaxing in multiple waves. We collapsed together, rolling onto our sides, my cock still inside her. Together we cooled down, pressing our bodies together not wanting the moment to end, but knowing that neither of us had more left to give. I wrapped my arms around her as she guided my hands to her breasts, pressing her arse into my groin, prolonging the time my slowly softening cock could remain inside her, joining our bodies.

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