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2/19/2006 5:24 pm

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About two weeks ago, we were hit up by a couple stating that they wanted to meet us. They live in Columbus, Ga and we're in Atlanta. That's a hour and a half ride. No problem with that. They left a phone number and we talked on the phone and decided to meet on February 19th. Cool. Well today is February 19th. I called the number just to confirm that we were supposed to meet today. The female half answered and told me that we were still meeting and told me what time they were leaving Columbus. Cool. Well, they never showed and they never called to cancel. Am I mad about it? No. Am I surprised? Not really. It's just another example of the lack of common courtesy that people have these days.

Sweetness2427 48M/42F

5/3/2006 8:44 am

Here's what's we are in St. Thomas, VI and seem to have the same issues. Now, we realize that because of our location, meeting folks can be a challenge, yet still...for you to exchange numbers, to have conversated for some time online...the least they could do is meet up at the perspective place (preferably public) to see if there is at least a vibe to work with...
Don't give up...
Besides, there are a few folks we've met from ATL who have roots here in St. Thomas that we're interested in hooking up with...we'd love the opportunity to extend that invitation to you.

David and F

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