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7/17/2006 5:20 am

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The Live International Space Jam Music Network

Lebanon ... phah!

A wetmop to all the butcherheads in this world.
What we could do with is a big Session...of Music...(and smoke for those who like it like that - according to tastes in drug and community)and a form of technology to connect muso artists to...[The headline could be...]
...THE International LIVE space Jam - brought to you via Satallite Uplink...& connecting the world 24/7. From Australia to Zimbabwe, Tucson to Tel Aviv, London to Lebanon!

Yeah's getting pretty intense in the old world at the Mo'.

There is a time to fight I think! Even for pacifists. Seems that time gets closer for some every day that passes.

The other teachers in our group (those with families...awww who am I kidding, I bloody want to know as well) are asking about contingency evac' measures from Saudi if it all goes pear shaped - or the shit hits the fan - turns to custard (I should mention that there is a Marine base in the compound). But I don't know....the country is relatively safe and accomodating. But its neighbours are in a fucking War Zone...would you drag your young family so far???! O.K. if you are somehow connected with the 12th lost tribe of Israel (I'm not mocking this belief by the way). But you gotta have a whole lot of faith or it all crumbles!

Advice from me: Passport + Spare $US... a backpack on standby...and don't be attached to materialistic things. Access to a private aircraft a distinct advantage. (add bottle of whiskey, a tinny of weed and ciggerettes to boot...Gomez CD a must too (any release but preferably Live Out West).

Theres going to be hurting big time soon...
When are we going to evolve??...Guess we gotta fight and standup when we don't have a choice.

Que Sera, Sera

Greg (Venting)

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