New Age Teaching Methods  

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7/18/2006 7:07 pm

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New Age Teaching Methods

muwahahaha...Love it!
Just read the following about a new way of looking at the "women's triangle of beauty" and comparing this with the pythagorean geometry theories for Triangles...funny as - Love random musings like this (if you're interested check out this woman from Switzerland - a beauty, fit, INTELLIGENT, deep, and thoughtful (its her idea this). I like her. Queenofswords Queenofswords review post "PythagorasTheoremProof"

As i closed off from her Blog I had a thought -In the back of my brain, a john Cleese skit (within Monty Python) is tickling away from memory...if my memory serves me correctly...

He (Cleese) is a School Teacher teaching a class of students about Sex Education at an All Boys Public School in England...(Very 'Posh")...He's brought in a woman to do a practical demonstration of the different but commonplace coital positions in society...the humour is the apathy, lack of engagement and inattention of the pupils. e.g. the back row are drawn more to a cricket match outside the window, while CLeese and partner are going at it hammer and tongs, doggy style.

But seriously, Just for a moment coz I'm in a humourous mood really, using the female anatomy to teach mathematics would be most effective I'm sure! It would be respectful and another nice way of introducing familiarity with sex while still at school? Too forward thinking huh? I'm sure I'd last until morning tea before I was fired...

...could be also male anatomy of course...maybe for rectangles or cylinders.

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